1. I found I have a mac cat back systen and I need a new h or x pipe. I have an h pipe now and I'm thinking of goinf with an x pipe and headers . I have stock headers now and I'm thinking about a pair of headers. I like the bbk shorties and a bbk offroad x pipe? Anybody run these and how are they?
  2. It's a very common setup. BBK makes good quality stuff.

  3. I have the BBK x-pipe with edelbrock shorties. No complaints here, and I like the x-pipe sound.

  4. Longtubes and never look back
  5. JBA shorties and a BBK x through Magnaflows . I love the sound, and the quality is excellent.
  6. Jba makes great stuff but it's pricey.i always liked Mac.reasonable prices and good sound.long tubes are best but are usually a pain to install
  7. I don't know how I feel about mac. I have there h pipe it was installed a year and a half ago and its completly rusted through where it clamps to the second part of the midpipe. I'm sure it wasn't installed professionaly and I think there was a leak there causing the rust but I'm not to sure I did not own the car at the time it was done. I know a lot of people run bbk so I'm thinking they have to be decent and there pretty much the cheapest out there.
    As for the long tubes I'm going to be installing the headers and such myself. So I need the easiest to install lol and that would be shorties. Plus my car is a dd and lowered and the quality of roads in jersey aren't that good so I don't want to run into any problems with botoming out. Otherwise I would go with long tubes.
    I'm thinking about changing my catback aswell. Nothing wrong with it, its a mac catback. I like the sound of what I have now and it will def sound better with headers and a leak free system. I'm going to wait until I have the headers and mid pipe installed before I buy a new cat back so I can see what it sounds like. But I still think I'm going to want a much more aggressive sound in the end. Any suggestions on a cat back? What do you guys think would sound the meanest with my setup? I want both loud and aggressive.
  8. Just had BBK Ceramic Shortys on. I like them just fine. B image.jpg
  9. Go YouTube and watch some videos for you preferred sound.slp catback sounds good but like I said I'm a Mac kinda guy and yes shorties would be better if the roads are rough
  10. My Mac H is rusting through as well. My next mid pipe will likely be a bassani or someone else that makes a stainless kit.
  11. Mac = garbage. You get what you pay for and you always have the money to do it right the 2nd time around.
  12. i will be installing the bbk shorties in the next couple weeks, also taking the cats right out and running true duels.,throw flomaster 40s and the sound should be good.....guess we will see
  13. Mustangs already have true duals. If you are talking about eliminating the mid pipe that is a bad idea.
  14. I bought just the Mac mufflers to replace the pypes mufflers because the pypes sucked. The Mac mufflers sound good and the price was comparable to flowmaster. But I think the mufflers are actually made by flowpath not Mac.
  15. i just dont l;ike the scavenging, and i have no more need for cats so why not get rid of them??????? at the most will take a trip to my tune guy. bit more torque,
  16. No one said anything about cats and what do you have against scavenging? Smoother exhaust flow? More power across the band? Yeah I hate those too. What I do lie is two straight pipes that make mustangs sound like dump trucks. I guess even those fancy stock cars running x pipes are behind the curve.
  17. Mac shorty's on my 93, were there when I bought the car and while they don't look great they seem to work and hold up just fine. I have a pypes O/R x pipe and I have been pleased with the quality, great price as well.
  18. Is anybody running Bassani long tubes? Are they worth the extra $$?