headgasket ???

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  1. Ok, you 2.3L turbo gurus I have heard the fel-pro head gasket pretty much sucks. What do you all recommend.
  2. Fel-Pro Gaskets :D

    Fel-Pro 1035 to be exact.
  3. Fel- Pro.
  4. The stock Fel-Pro doesn't suck. IF you have to ask which to use, then you probably will still be OK using the stock replacement, 8993. The 1035 is the performance variant as I understand it, and costs a lot more ($50+ vs. $16).

    Guys like MikeSVOR have setups that are more than 'mildly modified', and probably NEED the 1035.
  5. Yep.

    A great gasket is a great gasket.
    And the 1035 in my books is a great gasket.

    If it holds up to what I put it through, I say it's my first choice.
  6. Corteco White :hail2:
  7. Actually, I'd like to elaborate on this for a sec.
    I used the 8993 felpro gasket for a year then it blew.
    When I pulled the gasket off, the material around the water passages were rotted off. It didn't hold up at all.
    Not only did it blow, but it disolved!
    I will never recommend it to anyone.

    Spend the money if you wana do it once.
  8. I used the 8993 without a prob. Spray it with high temp copper paint. Works great and I have never had a prob. I routinely run 6k rpms and 15lbs boost.

  9. That's why I like the Corteco White...it's dirt cheap, is bathed in a silicon polymer and then coated with a thin coat of white silicon (for ease in "reading" it) and then the fire rings are installed. This keeps the HG from eroding away when exposed to water and oil. You can read all about it at www.corteco-usa.com