Heading to track #4

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  1. I guess this has turned into my weekly installment.

    This weeks adjustments or "tune" will be:
    still 18 psi, volvo intercooler (if my hose gets here in the morning), Fuel pressure at 40psi with vacuum unhooked, and timing bumped up to something. I would at least like to get it up to 14*.I'm running 110 octane this week and I want to see how much timing I can really get.

    Right now it has the huge 225/60/16's with 88 TC snowflakes on the front.
    Instead I'm going to run a 195/70/14 on a fairly light steel wheel.

    It ran a 9.43@ 71.50 in the 1/8th last week. If anybody thinks of any cheap tricks let me know.
  2. Nitrous is a cheap trick.
  3. once it runs in the 8's I'm going to spray it
  4. With 110 in the tank I bet you can run 20 degrees base timing or more. There comes a point when you need to turn up the boost, not the timing though.
  5. I thought I've seen most discussions end with "more timing, less boost"

    Where is the timing going to help? at the far end of the track?
  6. the timing will help gain back what you lost by using 110 octane. :p
    The 110 burns much slower, so you have to ignite the mixture sooner to get the cylinder pressures up when you need them.
  7. Cheap : lighten it (if you havent already)...take every piece of spare change out! where your Emperors new clothes, that sheds a few extra lb's.

    Practice launching, find your edge...if you will...rpm's and launch are wonderful things, sub 2's do wonders.

    Make sure you have someone to race at the track...usualy people do better when they have a goal to beat (aka the person you want to eat dust)

    wax....i hear it helps with wind resistance?

    Ice the intake....works for the 5.0 guys ;)

    basicly , just have fun...best races are when you have fun anyways :)
  8. haha, that gave me a good laugh :p i'm gonna bump it here...no...there...ahhh the wonders of science

  9. How much boost and timing would you run?

    I planning on rolling it off the trailer and making three runs and change nothing but gas to see if it does slow down.

    lol yeah tired and aggrevated at the truck.
  10. I'd run 15 degrees and 22psi. If that doesn't detonate...crank it to 17 degrees.

    I was running 15 degrees and 24psi on 100 octane in 80 degree weather last time out.
  11. I thought anything over 20psi with a T3 was just heating up the air?


    Weather report for the track at the time of my arrival-5PM:
    Temperature: 89
    Dewpoint: 71
    Humidity: 46%
    Wind: 5MPH southwest. Mostly a tailwind
    Precip: 41%
    Cloud cover: 70%

    Last week it did rain and it cooled everything off really well. It was about 75* last time.
  12. Sometimes you can get up to 23 psi outta a T3 w/ a pretty much stock set up car and it still see an improvement, that is, tad faster than 22, which is a tad faster than 21 etc.

    SVOBud was running 23 last year at the reunion w/ his IC still in the stock position and making some good numbers. He beat me too in an unplanned street race. :(
  13. You can go 22-24psi on the T3.
  14. that luck we've discussed happened again. I made 14 passes tonight and the only actually number's i'll post are my newest reaction times. After 50 passes this year I would say I've learned how to drive the car. So of course, Notched86 and Kool aid showed up and I missed 3rd gear for the first time ever with that car at the track. LOL thanks for the support guys :D
    Here are my top 5 reaction times tonight:

    I also had a .494 but I figured redlights didn't count. It was close though.

    The car ran slower than ever and I couldn't get it to run right no matter what. The volvo cooler swap was removed after 4 passes and I went back to the tc cooler. The fastest run of the night ended up being really slow and almost no MPH.
    RT: .621
    60': 2.108
    330: 6.266
    1/8: 9.898
    MPH: 66.65
    The only good thing that came out of this was I raced a foxbody GT that the guy had alot of money invested. Apperently he should have invested in driving lessons. By the way in looks on the video I pulled about 3-4 cars on him before he moved much at all on 2 seperate runs.
    Other than this I'd rather not talk about it. :nonono: I'll head back next weekend.
  15. I forgot to bring my video camera, ****ed me off. I had it all charged up and everything.

    Heh, you have no idea how bad I was itchin to take the Neon down the track. :D But my pops was there and I didn't want him to see me thrashin the new car. After all, he co-signed with me to buy this thing, so I don't wanna **** him off too much! :p But I'll deffinately sneak it out to the track one of these weeks. :D

    So what do you plan on doing to the car before your next track visit?
  16. Its good you left the camera at home, give me a little more time.

    I'm sure running the neon will happen. I made plenty of jokes abuot it and I tried to not mention it when your dad was around. :nice:

    Not sure about the changes. Hopefully I'll have it tagged by mon or tues so I can get out and start driving again. Did you hear the rear "clack" as I was headed for staging? Its done that the last 3 weeks and hasn't broken yet. Of course now when I do a burn out and shift into second the driver's side wheel stops spinning. :notnice:
  17. Yeah I noticed that sound. It will be awesome to see that car back on the road again. :nice:

    I also have Belvedere383's number (the guy who started the infamous thread in 2.3 talk) and his friend just bought an '04 Flame Red SRT-4. Hopefully I can convince those two to come out to the track and play next week. Should be interesting.
  18. I better get back to work on it then. I'm going to get back into the Gtech and see If I can't the MPH back up. Once the MPH it'll go much faster plus I'll spray it.

    EDIT: Tell them I'll race them for money through the 60ft mark. :nice:
  19. What tuning setup did you end up w/ last nite before hitting the track?

    What size tubing did you use for the Volvo? I experimented a bit w/ crush bent and 2" while I was mocking it up. Kills power. Gotta be 2.5 inch and mandrel imo. Set up right it should be helping you over that TC IC. Although I do have my SVO set up w/ TC IC up front which works great.

    Somethings not right in your tune 'cause in the 1/8th mph I ran 74+ 2 years ago and when Cro was up here it was running 76+. The mod list is on my svo page on my website if you want to compare. If I had slicks I bet I could get another 1-2 mph - I lose a lot in the 60'.
  20. Actually the coupe and your svo are really similar. I used to run a 2.1 60' and 9.7 at 74-75mph. on a street tire. Not sure what the hell happened to it.
    by the end of the night I was as far 15* and 18psi. I could still run my 2.0 60ft, but I was fighting to get it out of the 10's.