Heading to track #4

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  1. Too much octane.
  2. definately possible, that was one change. and it didn't matter what I did I never heard it ping.

    I did however drive it before I changed fuel and something was wrong before that.

    oh yeah hears a good one. My first run in the 9's was with the knock sensor hooked up. :shrug:
  3. Hey Matt, they're having test and tune night again this tuesday the 22nd at sumerduck, in case you didn't know.
  4. yeah they do it every tuesday and thursday. I might start avoiding nights when they do the quick 16. It gets too crowded.
  5. hey matt at least you got back into the 9's. now just with a little tweeking she'll do better next time.

    the only i advice i have is let that IC breath. give it some air. hell, mabye even twist tie it to bumper.

    Edit: I ment to say Zip Tie. I need to brush up on the 2.3 fabrication Lingo
  6. Sorry I didn't introduce myself or amanda last night I couldn't stop thinking about the car.
    I'm Matt and amanda.....is amanda. :D If I remember right you are Ben?
    The black guy was Chuck, the guy driving the celica was brandon, and the other guy was also Matt (he's building an MR2 that he's stood about 20ft away and thrown money at it and is pretty sure that he'll will outrun me.) Come on car work right. :nice:
    Honestly I almost packed it up before you guys got there. I figured the worst I could do was practice on the tree. Which ended up great, when I knew there wasn't any "pressure" (thats one hell of a pun) :rlaugh: I started cutting near perfect lights and the time dropped off a little.

    EDIT: if you see me struggling with it EI running slower than 9.5 come over and start joking with me.
  7. I'm going to try and post the video of when I raced that gray 5.0 hatch. That guy had a bad attitude and I felt good to pull that far off the line even with the car running bad.:D
  8. yeah, It's ben

    what's the best time you've had on that car anyway?
  9. it ran 9.43 last thursday and I'm determined to go faster than that this week.
  10. Yeah that was bad ass. Post that video if you can. I think that guy in the gray 5.0 spun the tires all the way through first and second. :lol: Soon as he got traction though, he went like a bat outta hell.

    Hey, did you see that 60 year old guy who kept taking that white escort down the track? LOL, he was only doing 12's, but he sure was getting into it. :D

    But anyways...any idea what next week's tune is gonna be for Amanda's mustang?
  11. :rlaugh:
    he had a 1.0 RT and a 2.917 60ft and still ran [email protected] 82.78
    The car definately has mid 8's in it.
    The cobra never hit the 7's although, to me 8.00 is close enough since he was granny shifting.

    There was a guy running a white 93 escort 1.9. I ran a 9.6 against him last week and he told me he had an alcohol motor he was going to put in it and he would run me then. Some people(like myself) I wouldn't put it past, but this guy was an idiot, funny though. I ran him 4 times that night.

    As for the coupe I didn't get it unloaded until my lunch break today. So far I've done lots of praying. We'll see. :spot:
  12. Let Amanda drive.
  13. I'm afriad it will finally run right and go 8's.
  14. i am afriad to try it down the track because i might stall it out and i am still learning to drive a stick. :rolleyes: but if i did take it down the track and run 8's. i would drive it all the time down the track more than matt.. :p
  15. and when you do take it that fast you'll be the "driver" and i'll be the "builder"

    *by the way*
    I made jason gray a little mad today. He started telling me abuot running 8.0 all motor and I actually started laughing at him. I said that was a long way off from the 9.4 he ran 3 weeks ago. That didn't go over too well and eventually he told me to bring ANYTHING I OWNED and he would outrun it. lol so unless its running really good we might take something else. :nice:
  16. LOL, what does Jason drive?
    btw, that white hatchback that was there last week was a naturally aspirated 2.3 wasn't it? (the one that was running 12's)
  17. This guy jason non-drives an 87 lx hatch that is a burnt orange color. Supposed runs 7.4's with 125hp shot :rolleyes: . there is definately enough stuff done to the car for it to do that, but I've never seen him go faster than 8.80. When a friend of ours drives it, he runs 8.4's and swears thats all the car has in it. If you watch steve take off its easy to see that, since he launches with the shift light on and dumps the clutch. :nice:
  18. Bring the windsor coupe! :nice:

    Well, one of them at least.
  19. Its so far from being "done" but could be made to run thursday.I'm going to focus on the green car.
  20. that would work for me. And i have a little surprise that i have set my mind to and no i can't tell you. :D