Headlight Assembly Installation

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  1. Ok here is my dillema. Recently i was in a fender bender that messed up my front headlight so i had to buy a completely new assembly. I tried installing it myself but i cant seem to figure out how to get it off. I know that the thing uses three bolts but they have these weird black things on them rather than nuts. I know i sound like i dont know what im talking about, thats because i really dont. So does anybody know how to replace the head lamp assembly? by the way, it is a 96 3.8l v6 mustang. thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I was in an accident too and i need to replace mine also. I looked at it and it just looks like you need to look for all the screws. Maybe check on the back side of the black things and look for the nuts there. So where did you get yours from? Im glad I found one on ebay though for only like 70 bucks or so. Body shops were trying to rip me off saying it was a couple hundred dollar part.
  3. i actually got mine off of ebay as well. after closer inspection i notice that these little black things are on both sides of the metal. One side has a little "X" looking piece that keeps you from being able to unscrew it and the other side is just the little black looking dome thing?
  4. Use a pair of pliers to pinch the retaining clip in the upper corner nearest the fender and pull it off. Use a pair of pliers to pinch the other black locking tabs and pull out on the headlight.
  5. What he said.

    There's a flat piece of metal that's in the shape of an L that clips onto the back of the headlight retaining studs. I was able to just pry those off with my fingers. They should just pull straight up.
  6. Sure the headlights are easy enought to take out but hes talking about the whole headlight assembly. Its a big plastic housing that holds both headlights.
  7. my bad.......I've had to replace that myself when a suburban decided he wanted to get in my lane.

    I believe when I took mine out, the front bumper has a tab that is "locked" into place in it.....if you pull hard enough it will come out when all of the mounting points are undone.

    It's been about a year since I've done it, sorry couldn't help more
  8. helllp

    i also have a 06 4.0 mustang and i need help changing the headlight assembly how do u get the light out after u get all the bolts out and unhook stuff i cant get it out do u have to take the fener off?