Headlight bulb number?

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  1. I need new headlight bulbs for my 2000 v6 Mustang. It's my DD and I am asking in this forum because I know Id get more answers right away. Just wondering what is the headlight bulb number and are there any good aftermarket ones I should buy instead of factory one. maybe with a tint of blue/white? Do they really work well? Thank you for your time.
  2. 9007 and id go with Sylvania Silverstars
  3. hey thanks for the reply. How much are those for the pair? do ya know? They hav the clear white/blue or just reg ect? Ive heard of them before just wondering. These are for a 2000 V6 mustang which is the same headlights as the GT and cobra ect im taking it correct? sounds stupid to ask but just making sure haha!
  4. I dont care for HIDs....I think they look great but I dont wanna spend alot. its my DD I dont care what people think of it. Just need two headlights that work....and since I am replacing them why not maybe upgrade to a nice blue/white shade?
  5. silverstars are going to be more than 30 bucks now those are a sure waste of money i had those in my lexus before i bought an hid kit and they burned my harnesses twice.
  6. I run Silverstar headlights and fog lights in my cobra and I also ran them in my old GT with absolutely no problem. I highly recommend them.
  7. Just bought SilverStar ULTRAs' from advance auto. 49 bucks with 10 off so 39. Same price as the regular SilverStars were so. Anyone have them?
  8. Please do not get Sylvania anything even the superstars. Luminics is far superior and priced much better. I have the Luminics true blue bulbs and they give me a HID look. They are not blue blue just HID looking. I previously had Sylvania Silvertars and ripped them out without thinking twice. They also make pure white and titanium white but I've had the Pure white and True Blue is the way to go.

    Here they are in the cheapest prices
    Luminics Pure Blue bulbs on sale 9006 9005 H4 H1 H7 H3

  9. Any bulb labeled 9007 will work. The difference between a cheap brand and a more expensive one is how long they last. I've used the Sylvania Silverstars on more than one car, and I've not had them burn out on me or get dim. And honestly, the price difference usually means you spend more over time on cheap brands because they don't last as long and get noticeably dimmer faster. But when they are new, there's not much difference between brands.

    All bulbs get dimmer over time. So no matter what you buy, they will seem brighter than what you had.
  10. That is true over time any bulb will lose intensity. They should be replaced every 2-3 years or so.
  11. replacing the front headlight bulbs require removing battery and factory air box? (this is my V6 DD)
  12. Installed the new bulbs....that black cirlce with the notches on it to lock the bulb into place on the back of the 99-04 headlight is my question though.....To remove it I noticed ya kinda had to twist it......but to put it back on, you just push it on? Thank you!:flag: