Headlight Bulb Retainer Needed

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tx65coupe, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. I'm looking for a pair of headlight bulb retainers for 94-98 Mustang Cobra. I can only find them at two places. They are on backorder. Apparently they are discontinued from Ford. Does anyone know who carries them? They are different than the regular GT ones.

    I think the part number is F4ZZ-13N019-B.
  2. Let's not make this a "classified" ad in the tech/talk section please. Changes were made to your thread reflect that. :)

    My advice would be to contact several of Stangnet's parts vendors or perhaps try a local junkyard ?

    What makes the headlight bulb retainers different on 94-98 cobras from other model 94-98s? Shouldn't they be similar? How are they different from the GT ones? :shrug: Never knew they were different...
  3. They are different than the regular GT ones in that the lights have a ring around the bulb socket and the retainer grabs the ring. Its kinda backwards of the regular ones.

    I wish I had a picture to post, but I don't have the original lights or retainers anymore. I have some aftermarket OE style lights from DEPO on the car and they are lousy in terms of quality and beam pattern. The repro lights use the regular retainers. I picked up a pair of OEM Ford ones on Ebay that are pretty nice, but the retainers didn't come with them.

    I have looked at various Mustang parts places, and I only found them listed at two places. They say that they are on backorder. Ford says they are discontinued.

    I don't see what was wrong with asking if anyone had them. I've seen that asked numerous times on several forums. That is what forums are for is helping others. I just thought someone might have some laying around.
  4. I still have not been able to locate these. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. I have tried countless places, and still no luck.
  6. I need these too...got a good deal on the lights from member on Corral but didn't have the retainers. Silly me didn't realize I needed that at the time! Did you ever find any?? I would think these are somewhat universal maybe used on other Ford products??
  7. I still have not had any luck. I still do not even know what they look like. I have been busy working on my 95 F150 and planning an engine build for it. The Cobra still has the crappy repop lights on it.
  8. Well I have been researching this too and you do have the part number right, F4ZZ-13N019-B. I see Dallas Mustang has it on their website (DM-Part#: 4121) but not sure if they "really" have it yet. Looking for a couple of used sources first as the DM ones will be $32 with their $14.99 flat rate shipping charges! Here are pictures of someone who did the swap a couple of years ago...shows the new and old retainer clips. Looks like Ford still sold those back then....