Headlight Differences

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  1. I have noticed looking at some different pictures of the 2010 mustang that there seem to be two different head light styles on the cars. I don't understand if this is an option or which of the headlight will be used. But as seen on the front page of stangnet the difference between the copper color GT and the silver GT. I definitely like the copper GT head lights better. I have also seen this on GT500 pictures. I have a picture on my phone of one of the internet and its head lights were like the copper GT, then saw another picture today that someone posted on here it was like the silver GT's lights. Any idea why this is???
  2. Yep, and I'm pretty sure it's an option as it can be seen in the 3 cars I took pictures of, the GT500 and the V6 have same (cool, more expensive headlights) the GT has regular. It's not the best angle, but you can see it in this thread : http://forums.stangnet.com/777345-your-viewing-pleasure.html I noticed it right away when I saw them.
  3. the GT500 headlights come in two flavors: HID and Regular.

    They are different as in one has the turning indicators on the outside and one on the inside. Don't ask me which one is which I'm sure you can find out by looking at some wallpapers.

    I Like the what I think should be the HID's which have the turning indicators on the outside and the round projectors on the inside. That looks meaner.
  4. All models will have a choice, the sad thing is the price of HID's. I have recently started a war against the ***s with hid's and they will get my highbeams. :)
  5. When I first saw the new Mustang, the first thing I noticed was the turn signal. I remember commenting that the person who designed it didn't do enough homework. The 1970 Mustang had 2 horizontal "slots" that looked like air vents on the outside of the headlights. See example. The design of the turn signals look to mimic that look while adding the functionality of the lights. The HID option has the lights on the right side, but appear to be missing the "divider" that give the same look. First picture