Headlight Restoration Project "How To" with pics

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  1. nope, more like '99-2000 special
  2. looks great. makes me wish i didnt buy new headlights.
  3. :lol:
  4. to add to all the accolades -- THANKS MAN! I was planning on buying new lenses!

    This should also work for the rear taillight in the center of the trunk - mine's got FINGERPRINTS - anyone know how that happened?? and it's also starting to warp - so it'll get replaced eventually. :(
  5. This should be made into a sticky.
  6. I used comet cleaner since it has bleach and is mildly abrasive and then polished it out. Came out perfect on my 93 coupe.
  7. I can't belive that those headlights were that bad..I've only seen a couple 99-04's with fogged headlights here..
  8. I used the rubbing compound on mine (98 GT Vert) and it made a huge difference, but still left a bit to be desired. I think the sanding steps should be in order for the next time I try it and I feel confident that it'll work just fine! Great, awesome post, kudos for all the information and pics.

    My vote says this posting deserves a "STICKY"!!! :hail2:
  9. That's what a few people said about my speaker write-ups. you see that happend.

    However great write up. I've noticed that Ford put a very fine coating over my headlights that has begun to wear out bad. I was looking at a finishing kit in Advance Auto, but this looks a helluva lot cheaper.
  10. Great article!

    Before I go out and do this, I have one question. Is a buffer absolutely neccesary for this?

    I think I have one somewhere around my house but I'm not sure where.

  11. I vote for this to be a sticky!
  12. I just performed this on my passenger side headlight, which looked just like your "before" shot... After a little elbow grease and the use of a drill and some buffing pads and the coumpounds you suggested, it looks pretty much like new with the lights off during the day... at night it looks a little hazy, but it matches the other head light which is now a year old (accident) and it looks MUCH better.
  13. That is great to know. I was border line just buying new ones. THANK YOU!!!!
  14. IT WORKS

  15. Same problem with my stang... its almost as if you open the trunk with some kind of oil or whatever on your hand and it bakes in the sun... bingo, fingerprints. I haven't found any way to get rid of them other than to replace the whole dang thing.
  16. Awesome thread, you give hope to all Stang owners, as i can see i wass really close to buying some projectors until i read ur thread, but man u got alot of time on your hands, keep it up!!!!!
  17. worked jus a good on my 88 read the post decided to give it a try and heres a pic.... not the best lighting but u can obviously tell which one i did. Didnt use a da or anything yet jus hand buffed.

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