Headlight Switch Electrical Question

89 fox 351

Mar 8, 2020
Let me start by saying testing this would be much easier if the car wasn't in pieces. The dash and wiring harness are separated in my living room. I'm making my own wiring harness, with minimal wires for my custom street build.

Does anyone have a GT headlight switch that can do a test for me? Its an 89 GT. The last time I drove the car everything worked fine (that was 12 years ago) however I'm testing continuity on the headlight switch, and it seems that I'm getting continuity between one terminal that should be power, and one that should be ground. I'd guess the switch went bad sometime from sitting, but just want to make sure.

On the back of the switch, it is getting continuity between terminal labeled "G" and "I".

A more in depth look shows the following:
Terminal "G" as Circuit #19- Instrument Panel Lamps Feed
Terminal "I" as Circuit # 57- Ground Circuit

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