Headlight Switch Stuck

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  1. So after I got my gas tank fixed, I started the car and while it was running I tried pulling on the headlight knob, and nothing happened, not that the lights didn't come on, the switch didn't pull out. In looking at it, it's not the right switch at all, the knob is about an inch longer than the stock knob. Since I want to change the instrument panel anyway, I figured I would pull the panel out and reach the "ejector button" for the switch from there. I pulled out the 4 screws holding the panel in, disconnected the wires and light bulbs, went to pull the speedometer cable off, and there is a cover over the speedometer nut. I'll post pics when I get my phone charged up.
  2. Here are the pics of the light switch and also the speedometer "lock".

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  3. The headlight switch looks alot like it came from a Maverick or Pinto from the '72-'76 model years. Definitely not right for your car.
  4. Does anyone have any ideas what the speedometer "lock" is or how to get it off? Also, any ideas as how to get the light switch out so I can figure out why the headlights don't work?
  5. Can you see under the cover ? Not correct for Mustang ,some one has been mixin and a swapin parts . Does the light switch pull out at all, or is it a turn to on switch? Is there a set screw on the light switch knob?
  6. I can't see under the cover. The only thing I can see is on the backside of the "lock" is a slot that looks like it would be for a key. I'll post a pic in a little while.