Headlights/dashlights flicker

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  1. That could be caused by the "voltage regulator" on the back of the cluster.
    I'm not sure what you are referring to. Where exactly would that be located?
  2. Give me a minute or two.....

  3. Sorry it took so long, Hell having a studio in the living room, an old disk camera and having to pee ...


    This is what provides power to the instruments.
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  5. Why would those of us that like it over at II.net rat Tim out? Do your own detective work.
  6. I got it figured out guys! The belt we put on it awhile back is too long.... and it squeeks a lot. And the car is also running a little warmer then it should. I think the belt is slipping and not charging the alt as it should.
  7. belt??
    if the belt was slipping....
    its the kind of squeel thats embarrasing to drive round because everyone is pointing at you when you drive.
    if your getting a small (squeek) then you havent fixed it
    if your getting a horendous SQUEEL you probably solved it.

    you put a new battery in it, how old was the other??
    truly you havent solved anything until you have the system load tested.
    they call it peace of mind..meaning it wont be a thought in the back of your head while your driving ....i HOPE i fixed it... :shrug:
  8. Its the kind of squeek thats so loud you can hear it over my monstorous 5.0 and yes its very embarressing. I feel like people are going to say "OMG what a POS" lol Battery replaced November 04. And it's not driven too ofton.
  9. Quick question. if I REMOVED the alt meter from the guage cluster,would my tang stop charging? A quick glance at a wiring diagram looked as though the charging circuit ran through the guage. So in removing it it looks as though you would break the cicuit??????
    :shrug: I was going to replace all the guages and put them in the dash ,thus eliminating the cluster but opted out of opening yet another can of worms.

  10. Do you really want me to reply to this?

  11. No, Seriously, I need authorization to reply to what seems to be the .Net mentality.

    Seriously, it only takes a few seconds with a cluster in your hand to realize a few very important things ....

    So Sleeper, let me inform this child of what anyone with 1/2 a brain can see, if they cared to look.
  12. A wart by any other name
  13. You have GOT to be KIDDING me... :nonono: You ask us for help troubleshooting when the answer was already a squeeky embarrasment??

  14. :( Sorry I didn't realize til later what might be causing the problem. Please don't throw stones. :(
  15. So this thread is at an end... knowing Megan I was just waiting for the, line...
    "My Headlights are flashing" lol :rlaugh:
  16. Mark, what is with the condescension recently?

    do you want to tell her the solution to her charging issues or rehash the II.netorgcom thing

    the thing i find most amusing about this whole thing is that EOS is the acronym for "electrical over stress", that aside I cannot envision how a slipping belt could cause a flicker. is it possible that what you are mistaking for a belt squeal could actually be the screaming death of some diodes?
  17. Recently? Come on Sleeper, where have you been for the past few years.

    Help someone? Sure, he'll help someone. But first he has to verbally abuse them and gloat his knowledge (which is pretty lacking most of the time) and make the person feel really small. THEN, once the person feels like a total piece of crap, and even more stupid, he'll come in and "save the day" by giving the answer he could have given in his first post.

    He's a total waste of air and bandwidth, and we all know he does it on purpose. Why he's still allowed to post here is beyond me.
  18. Too much time on this frigging computer.
  19. Actually Eos is not a acronym for anything as far as my sn goes. Eos is a greek goddess, its a name not an acronym. :( ANYWAY! How come you guys always start fighting in my threads. :notnice:

  20. I'm trying to lighten the thread here... but ya know sometimes we should just open the door and say GUYS! Take it outside... (the thread that is...) lol :rlaugh: Hey just start a thread called argue with Mark... :) :banana: