Headlights Flickered While Driving

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  1. Drove my 68 around for a few minutes and lights seem to turn off and came back on. Then they steadily flickered all the way home. I changed the headlight switch a year ago. I have original wiring and don't have halogen bulbs. Disconnected my electric fan and headlights still flickered. Any ideas?
  2. its possible that the headlight switch you have is starting to fail again, cheap switches do that you know. another thing to check is the headlight dimmer switch. often times those things never get replaced, and when they fail they can cause the exact problem you have. i found that out years ago when my dimmer switch failed, but in my case it caused the headlights to go out completely. it took some cajoling of the switch to get the lights back in order to continue my journey home. (this was thirty years ago, and we didnt have as many street lights as we do today).
  3. I thought the headlight switch and the headlight dimmer switch is the same ?
  4. no dimmer is in the floor and headlight switch is in the dash.
    i had a dimmer do the same as rbohm and it was pitch black out .it went out while i was driving.very scary .
  5. Both are new, I will check connections if not just add relays to headlights . Thanks guys