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  1. Anyone know a good site to get some good aftermarket headlights? I've searched around quite a bit and cannot find a "good" site.

  2. I got mine off ebay. Nice quality and finish. very pleased with it.

    I got the smoked clear corner ones.

    Got any pics of the Bright Atlantic blue!?!? Best color
  3. I don't like to purchase stuff off of ebay, was looking for a different site...

    I don't have any pics, no digital camera at the moment...will have some fairly soon..

    Just crashed her anyway =(

    Positive outcome, will be getting the saleen bumper and new headlights :banana:
  4. theres not really aftermarket ones, jsut stock ones that have had their corners cleared out.
  5. ebay intimidate you?
  6. Aint nuthin wrong with eBay if you just play yo cards right, and be smart about stuff. Check people's feedback, and read the descriptions over and over, and ask questions if ur still not sure.


  7. I'm hittin up ageclassic.com with some smoked headlights :nice:
  8. yeah i dont know why but it seems that age classic is the only one that sells the full ultra clear set. and the smoked ones too. they also sell the ultra clears for the fox bodies 87-93, including both parking lamps. i wonder why nobody else has them?
  9. anybody else notice the pic of the smoked clear corners on age classic's site is just a black & white picture of some stock headlights? :doh:
  10. I can vouch for the 50resto.com headlights, that 98CobraClone has on his car, plus at the time we ordered em, they were the lowest priced on the market, seemed to be pretty good quality as well