Headliner Insulation Install

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  1. So when I had my headliner recovered, the insulation was all dried up and falling apart. So it's had a hollow sound in the cabin during rain and during the temps of hot and cold, it has been extreme and fast to change in the elements surrounding the bare roof. So I finally tackled the job very similar to my hatch floor using the light weight frost king stuff. I also added a layer of reflect'o stuff that was light weight as well. Here's @[email protected] showing the headliner removel. Then my pics of my install.

    View: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=moQCI5aIuf0

    IMAG1206.jpg IMAG1208.jpg IMAG1210.jpg IMAG1214.jpg IMAG1215.jpg IMAG1218.jpg IMAG1220.jpg IMAG1224.jpg IMAG1227.jpg IMAG1230.jpg

    The frost king comes self sticking so it was easy to apply, it acts like a sound deadner and has climate resistance. I used 3 strips, 1 in front, 1 in back then used the 3rd one to interlock them all. Aluminum tape is used around all the edges as possible. Then I doubled up with the thermo reflect'o stuff, it's really light as well. It's wider, so I only used 2 strips and then sealed it off with the aluminum tape.
    So when I was done I tapped on the roof afterwards and it had a completely solid sound!! Pretty impressed with the sound characteristics and it also being climate control material, it should be a MAJOR difference in my cabin climate temps in the hot and cold. Summer is coming up so I needed to get this done :nice: so for under $35 bucks I got some some [email protected] climate control and sound deadner help!!
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  2. nice work.....i want to do mine also,have a sun roof so will be a little more work by the looks of it....never seen a headliner for a sun roof so now i know how to do it thanks for the vid!...still not sure if i want to go black or stay with the titaniam.....
  3. Thnx, it was cold last night and I turned on my floor heat on low and it got hot as balls fast in the cabin!! I must have been losing all kinda climate control from that bare roof. Should help both ways so I'm really pleased so far :nice: