Engine Heads And Rear End Question

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  1. Ok so i need to rebuild my rear end i have everything i need except the differential itself. oem on my 95 Cobra is obv 28 spline but i only found one 28 spline limited slip diff. is it really a big deal if i stay with a 28 spline to save money or is it worth it to go with the ford trak lok 31 spline and the moser 31 spline axels

    Second, i wanted to do a trick flow twisted wedge head but theyre pricey, how much of a difference is there between the trick flow twisted wedge and the gt40x turbo swirl head? or is there a better option cheaper than trick flow? wanting to do this in the next few days so input it appreciated.
  2. I would just rebuild the stock traction lock diff.
    The stronger parts aren't even a consideration until you have 2 things:
    1: Enough power to break the stock parts.
    2: Enough traction to get that power to the ground.

    Without BOTH these things, you don't risk much with the stock parts.
  3. These are good points to consider Ratio411.
    I was going to install a Pro Auburn 31 spline that I had for my race setup that never came about. I figured to just throw it in my street car, but the cost of doing so is BIGGG, and obviously unwarranted when considering the HP will be around 350.

    I'll let someone else with bigger stones put the Auburn to good use...

    Thanks Ratio411 for the insight.

    Bradley, I have a set of AFR165's that are really decent heads. I believe they run about $1400 complete. I have had mine for a while and paid about $1250. back then. Consider the cam that you intend to run whichever head set you go with. I say this because you may just end up needing new springs for you NEW HEADS! once you get them if the spring-rate doesn't match your cam specs. I know this well because I had to re-spring my "New" AFR's.

    Good luck
  4. ive gone high 10s with 28 spline moser axles and a stock trac lok. if you are looking for a good budget head, look at the RHS 180.
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  5. Agreed the RHS stuff is actually a decent head.. if you decide to go that route let me know I'm a dealer and Authorized SN vendor.

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