Heads... Good, Better, Best.

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  1. As we know Ford put the PI heads on the 01. Are their better aftermarket heads out their and which ones are the best. Or should I just port and polish the stock heads?
  2. There are so many variables. MHS, Livernois, Fox Lake, and TrickFlo make excellent aftermarket heads. For people who don't have access to an EXCELLENT machinist who has been porting heads for 50 years+, those companies are a good idea. I had my PI heads ported and polished by a local legend who has been doing it for almost 50 years. He charged me a fraction of what the other guys cost and the flow numbers far surpass them.

    You can P&P the stock heads but you really need someone who knows what they're doing. Otherwise, go with the aftermarket guys.
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  3. Great info, Thank you! The speed shop that tuned my car said they would p&p my heads. I toured they're shop that day and it was mustang heaven! The machinist has 37 years experience. Looks like I'll invest in p&p instead of the price of the heads and the pain and price of install. And while the heads are off just replace those 117k valves and springs. Thank you again for the reply.
  4. Port and polish, valve job, titanium valves, GT40 rocker arms and some heavy duty valve springs.
  5. That is the master plan my friend! GT40 Rocker Arms a good fit on the PI Heads?
  6. Ford GT rocker arms are a great upgrade, but really aren't needed. They're a bit stiffer which allows for less deflection....but they cost a few hundred and the difference is minimal. For the price, Id stay stock. If you've got good springs, rollers are an afterthought.
  7. IMHO though, steer clear of MHS. I am not going to say anything good or bad about them. Just be very careful when dealing with them or, their new parent company.
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  8. You know I was wanting to do something to the Stang in the performance area, would port and polishing heads on a lightly modded 2v be worth it? How much did you spend like $300 or $500? I mean I only have an o/r midpipe and my SCT tuner for performance but nothing major done to the motor...
  9. You would gain a little, don't hope for huge numbers. On a car like yours, Id say maybe 15-25rwhp depending on the work. Mine costs me quite a bit ($1500) because I had a LOT done, basically rebuilt the entire head with top quality stuff.
  10. I have been quoted $1750 for p&p and installation of any parts I supply for the heads. The speed shop has guaranteed 55+RWHP with adding valves, springs and a mild cam i already got sitting in the garage.Or the Dyno run after install is free. I'm taking it in Monday morning!
  11. but ultimately I'm looking to boost later on down the road so why not put all the good stuff in now you know! Their is just so much stuff out their to put in it gets hard to siphon what's good or not or what will fit!
  12. Sounds pretty good. What kind of port are they offering? Stage 1, 2, or 3? Valve job? The cam install is also driving up the price but is a good price. If they're claiming 55rwhp on your N/A car, I wonder what my stage 3 ported heads will do on 16psi of boost :eek:
  13. Yes, I thought that price was a steal so I jumped on it quick.! I'm gonna put in some swirl polished undercut valves. And comp cam springs. Me and shop agreed on a stage 3 port and polish. But with your forged bottom end and your heads.... 16 psi .... I wouldn't line up next to you that's for sure, if you got the fuel system to support it.