heads good or bad?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93lx50conv, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Trick flow t.w heads good or bad?

    Hey im workin on my winter project...and that is to do nice motor work...including heads, cam, intake, injectors/mass air, t.b...ect. I can most likely afford all of this except the heads i want which are the trick flow twisted wedge heads. So im finding used ones through ebay. Are these good or bad.


    it was repaired but should be good now right. and also then all i would need to do is get the valves/rockers ect. shouldnt cost more than 300 more after this. Should i wait or just go with this. Im basically goin with all trick flow setup(stage 1 cam/track heat intake/hopefully twisted wedge heads)
  2. I just need some advice. or recommendations.Also if i go with these heads if its all good what pushrods/rockers/valves, ect to go with. thanks
  3. i need to know if i should look into these heads on ebay.
  4. no get a brand new set for 900 or so, don't bother there also drilled for 1/2 studs so u either have to drill the block for larger studs or use some sort of integral washer kit like edelbrock has on there heads to use it on the stock block. Plus you need to add springs and retainers by the time your done with this thing it will cost you the same as a brand new set of heads.

    goto www.jdsperformance.com or summit and buy a set from there. somewhere in one of the 5.0 mustang ads a company sells them for $899