Engine Heads Up!

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  1. Ok brainiacs, I could use some help planning out my future mods. I'm debating between two different heads for my car. I will be keeping the stock GT cam w/cobra 1.7 RRs and retarding it 4 degrees regardless of head selection. Below I'll tell you what I have on the car. Given my mods and cam selection would you all please drop some knowledge on me as to which head and why?

    - 95 GT vert (54lbs weight already removed, most up front)
    - 5 spd
    - stock block
    - SVO GT40 intake (will have lower ported for new heads)
    - 65mm FMS TB
    - FMS shorty headers
    - Flow Master cat-back
    - factory h-pipe (CA smog)
    - 70mm factory MAF
    - 373 rear gears
    - will upgrade to 24lbs injector
    - will upgrade to larger fuel pump
    - will have tune for new set up.

    After tossing my iron GT 40s, my 2 choices are TFS TW or AFR 165s. Which head set and why given my combo and stock cam w/1.7RRs?
  2. Can you run TW heads with pedastal rockers?

  3. I'm not sure. I'll have to look that up.
  4. Kurt, it looks like the TW do [not] come in pedestal mount, only stud mount. Does this help you w/your conclusion?
  5. I've done the 4 degrees retard on the cam. You would think 4 degrees is nothing boy was I wrong. The powerband was horrible. It wanted to make power from 4500-6800 rpm and I wasn't comfortable with that. I also wasn't comfortable with revving the hell out of it in regular driving conditions. It was the only want to get it moving. After a few weeks I installed the cam straight up and was so happy afterwards.
  6. Thanks, man. That's good to know. What do you think about a 2 degree retard to take a little better advantage of the head's breathing capacity? This will be a daily driver/weekend cruiser.
  7. Mine was just a show car really and maybe 500 miles per year. I don't know what cam you're going with but I've been down this road and I don't recommend it. Nothing like doing this twice in a few weeks time, that's how disappointed I was. Not with the power it made, just were the power was made. I broke a Steeda high rev valve spring at 6300 RPM, hi-rev my arse.
  8. Okay, this is good info. I'm going to ask you to clarify not because I'm looking for someone to eventually agree w/me, but because I want to learn/understand what you are saying.

    1) So, even at a 2 degree retard on the stock cam you say "no?"
    2) If I'm looking for a boost in performance w/o the added expense what about re-installing the stock cam straight up?
    3) Correct me if I'm wrong: Installing a set of 165s instead of my GT40 irons, even w/the stock cam, will give a noticeable increase in power.