1. Have anyone heard of this company or done business with them. Their name is
    TRI-STATE CYLINDER HEADS. I'm looking to get a set of alum heads from them.
  2. no one!!!!!
  3. Yes ... Those guys have been talked about on here before

    No ... I don't remember what was said about them

    Thats all I'm able to say about it

  4. Thanks, I'm cautious of them because of the walmart prices. They seem to fit my budget and wanted to see have anyone else bought their products.
  5. I do understand my friend :nice:

    I can relate because ......

    I've always had a taste for Strawberries & Chocolate
    I always could only afford a Strawberry Fruit roll-up

    btw ... I did see 7 threads about your inquiry when I .........
    Well you know what I'm talkin about ;)

  6. What's a "fruit roll up?" :rlaugh: (jk)
  7. Du musst in diese Forum informatzion gefunden. Du kannst viel lernen!

    ...what I meant to say in english is... Do a search, you can learn a lot from it! :D
  8. Thanks alot for the feed back, and I will do the search I just wanted to chat as well. Fruit roll- up:rlaugh: Good one Grady!
  9. Chat we did :nice:

    But as for the info you needed

    This time I could only point you to where I knew it was :)

    Well ... What did you decide after looking at what others
    had to say about those heads :shrug:

  10. search: "tri-state" + "suck" OR "terrible"

    I'd be surprised if you didn't find what you need

    (p.s. don't buy them)
  11. Well guys the reviews were not good at all. I was told that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all! Some people posted ?s about these heads and got crickets as feed back. Terrible!:eek: Thanks for the chat and chew, now i'm off to reading again.:nice: