Heard about the new supercharger for 1500?

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  1. Yeah I've been following that thread. Sounds great *in theory*. I'd love to buy a kit, I'd definitely be in for one of those ... but I won't be getting to excited until I see it working.
  2. i want to see numbers. dyno and trackn times. sounds really great, but i want to see the results first. anxiously awaitingthe final product
  3. hmmmm, I've heard of twin turbos......how about twin superchargers, hehe. Man that would be wicked.....but not worth it. Does look promising though
  4. It looks pretty sweet... I'm gonna wait to see if it works though.
  5. Why would you have to have UD pullies? That defeats the purpose of the whole supercharger application. Everything will be spinning slower because of the UDs, including the supercharger. Go look on the 4.6L board, or 5.0L board, and see if anyone is running UD pullies with a supercharger....NO ONE is. Yea, it's a great mod if you stay N/A, but once you go supercharged, you have to take them off.

    Or if you were going turbo, then you could leave them on, since a turbo isn't belt driven, but it won't work for a supercharged application.
  6. Read the thread a bit more. His proposal is that you'd get a LOW BOOST setup when using an underdrive pulley (5-7lbs), and that if you wanted a high boost version, you can just throw your stock pulley back on to get more boost (7-10lbs).

    I actually think it's a pretty inventive idea. Allows people to use either high or low boost versions (depending on how much they want to spend on fuel upgrades, tunings, etc.), WITHOUT him having to sell two different supercharger pulleys. This way he sells one pulley only, and you select the boost level with your crank pulley.
  7. im more interested in the turbo kit that is being developed there
  8. Where is the turbo charger on there? I haven't seen it... gotta link?
  9. a roots blower is extremly bad for the bottom end on a stock v6 stang.... they will hold 7psi-10psi....but your pushing it, with that psi level you will put out the same or more tq than a centrifugal blower at 12psi would but the hp on the centrifugal will be higher.... its a nice kit but i would definatly want forged internals.
  10. it CANT BE DONE v6s can NEVER beat a gt OMG dont you know anything
  11. What about the Honda Civic Hatchbacks? I hear they blow the doors of Cobras, I didnt know if they could beat GT's

    V6 Mustang = Teh Gay!
  12. i personally prefer turbos, but if the sc kit can yeild 12's and cost half as much, im game. id still have to see actual numbers from the final product of both and prices to decide though.