Heard Ford might be SOLD on CNBC

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  1. Geeeee I heard today that ford might get bought out.
    I said it will happen last year
    CNBC says ford is very low with money.
    And their stock will be around the $4.00 a share mark within the next week.(Junk stock}
    GM is already as a low of $12 a share from $23 a month ago.
    I think Ford and GM will not be around within the next 3 years,,,,Geee I think I also said that last year also.
    Economy sucks for many but for many of us the ecomomy is doing great.
  2. With gasoline over $4 per gallon, other than the oil companies who is the economy doing great for?
  3. I'm not saying it's possible, but I think highly unlikely. Someone was being overzealous with a quote, I'm sure. But if they are about to get bought out, maybe it's time to buy some stock. They aren't going anywhere soon. I remember everyone thought KMart was going in the crapper, and their stock was down to way under $1. I happened to have $20k on me at the time, and my wife (ex wife, now) wouldn't let me buy any stock. If I'd have purchased $20k worth of their stock as low as it was, I'd be a multi-millionaire. Ugh. Now I know the same thing wouldn't happen with Ford, but still.
  4. Nope whatever company Buys ford will issue you stock just like
    Bank america with countrywide......
    If it was me and I owned Ford or GM.
    I would File BK11 and fire everyone and hire only Mexicans for $7 a hour.
    Look at what Ford is doing,their stock is dropping like a rock and GM is just as bad.
    I would think within 3 years one of those companys will be bought.
    But if you want to hit the lottery,just buy any of the stocks,JPM,WFC,BAC,Visa.They are there
    for our pickings lol
  5. I don't think it's going to happen either, but if it does. I just hope Ford won't be sold to some Chinese or Korean based company. As we need Ford to remain as a U.S based automaker !
  6. Even if Ford does get sold, the name will still be around and no doubt make at least a decent comeback. Quite possibly the same for the other "Big Two".

    This country needs a definite reshaping from the top down in many ways for sure! The whole thing is spiraling out of control and as I see it, the only ones truly benefiting are the ones strict/smart with their little bit of earnings and the rich!
  7. You heard Ford might be sold on CNBC? I doubt it. Maybe eBay.
  8. Ford is on track with it's restrucureing plan, but because of saging economy, they had to change thier profit forecast from 09 to 2010. They've sold the unwanted fat and becoming a leaner, meaner company. Fusion and focus sales are off the map, they will add the fiesta next year a long with the F-100 and bronco. This oil thing can't last, it's hit a wall, oil is no good if people can't afford to buy it, opec knows this, they also know people will turn to other forms of energy and thier party is over. OPEC is now working to bring prices down. Ford also has a good selection of crossover suv's that are selling really well, like the escape and edge. Ford is a well established, well conected company world wide, thier european and asian sells are doing verywell, ford sells like hot cakes in austraila. Ford and GM will survive, however chrysler is on it's way out I'm affraid, cerbus can't take the looses that diamler could. I predict that dodge and jeep will be sold off with in 3 years. Tata of India is showing a lot of interst in jeep. Ford may take on a partner like nissian, or maybe not. But they were one of the first to the dance and will be the last to leave. They've said before that they would be open to a good partnersship. Also owning controling interest in mazda has really benifited them.
  9. I follow the markets and watch CNBC every morning and didn't hear or see any such information. Oh, wait a minute. This is your FIRST post.......maybe a little bit of trolling or possibly :bs:
  10. This isn't his/her first post. They just haven't made any posts in the tech section.
  11. Ok, lets face reality, Ford Motor Co. is going nowhere. If they were smart at this point or even a couple of years ago, they would have had a private investment group purchase them so that all the "strings attached" problems could be gone. A private group headed by whoever could take away any of the public company challenges that Ford faces in fixing itself as quickly as it desires. Then the company could go back to the public sector, reissue stock, after the required amount of time out of the public sector and come back stronger than ever.
  12. Well we will not get off of Oil anywhere in the next 50 or more years...
    And the Electric cars that you plug in will not work because it will also send
    your electric bill up also
    Wait till Isreal bombs iran,you will see $10 gas prices.(they are waiting till after the election of 2008)
    And with Opec we have no say,opec does not have to sell us any oil ...What are we going to do sue opec lollll.Only Idiolt Democrats say that they will sue opec.
    The 200,000 barrels that opec is a drop in the bucket.
    Well I watch CNBC from the opening of the market 930am till the close at 4pm and they talked about Ford might be sold soon.
    Yep Dodge really screwed up on the Challenger,The challenger they released does not look anything like my 1970 Hemi EXPORT car.You would think all the time dodge had to make this car it would look better then it does,but what do you expect from a dumb canadian Hedge fund...dodge will be out of the auto business within 3 years.
    How can they make the Challenger on the same freaking platform as the 300 and Charger?I guess just put a challenger body on top of it and no one will ever notice....
    I have been on the site for a few years and I rearly ever post anything.No need too.
    One last thing,Ford is sold all over the world
    But their main market is in the States.
    And if they are having problems selling cars and trucks here,it does not matter what they do elsewhere in the world.....
    To me I would never buy Fords,GM,Delta air american Air among many other stocks.
    Those you will loseeeee all of your money on.............Buy Visa,Jpm Bac Wfc,,,Yea baby
  13. If I may offer a rebuttle, yes it does matter how ford does over sea's as profit is profit no matter where it comes from. The north american market is only a percebtage of all ford sales world wide, it's important but not the end all. The over sea's profits enables ford to pull it's self up by it'e boot straps, without the oversea's profits, ford would of been bankrupt a long time ago. Ford will ore than likely drop the mercury line and concentrate on ford, linclon, volvo and mazda. Ford was way to big and needed some down sizing to compete in todays leaner, meaner markets. Alan has done a good job so far as CEO and is bringing the company back a round. As far as the company not going anywhere, where is it supost to go?, They build cars and we buy them, it's as simple as that. Build the cars that everyone wants and they'll beat a path to your door. Ford is working hard on product and quality, they've made great strides on quality and have some eciting product in the pipeline, like the new raptor F-150, fiesta, bronco, F-100 and 2012 ranger. Were soon to have a hybrid fusion, the eco V-6, the boss 6.2, it's an exciting time for ford. The gas thing won't last, it's crippling the world economy, bankrupting the airlines, the powers that be all over the world are working to put a cap on gas prices even opec. Once things settle down and people get use to the idea of paying more for gas (not 4 bucks a gallon more) it will be business as usaul, except there will be more of a push towrd cars rather than trucks and suv's. The truck market will bounce back, cause people need trucks, trucks keep america working. Ford is putting together an awesome truck line, the super duty, F-150, F-100 and the new ranger that will be 4 cylinder based and as small if not smaller than the current ranger. I would love to be able to get a 4 cylinder 4x4 ranger again. There' exciting things instore for the mustang as well. So try to be positive, there's enough negitivity in the world.
  14. Ohhhh I agree with you a very samll tad.(you sound like you work for ford}
    How can you say gas prices will be under $4.00???
    Gas Prices will be at $5.00 very soon and in many parts of the country gas it already near or at $5 a gal.I know when I go to Montauk gas is $4.88 a gal.
    My point is,that ford does sell cars everywhere in the world.But the United States is their bread and butter.And if nobody is buying cars I would think ford will not be around.
    With their Stock at $5 (junk and GM at $12 close to junk.
    One or both companys will be bought out.
    You are talking about cars that ford hopes to make in 2012,But we are in 2008.
    And as you say Gas will never be $10 a gal????
    Lets see when Israel bombs Iran after the elections and lets see what the Oil prices will be
    And you really think other countrys have a Say with opec?????I think NOT.
    Every country needs all the oil that opec pumps out.
    Yep Opec says that they really care about inflation,and you really believe them???
  15. You put way too much emphasis on OPEC. OPEC isn't what it used to be. Not at all in any way. Saudi Arabia barely has any sweet crude left. 98% of what they produce is heavy sour crude ($$$$ to refine). Venezuela is where most of the oil is at now. Either way, our oil stores are shrinking. Will gas be $10 a gal in a year or two? I don't think so. Will it be $5 by this time next year across the country, I think so. Will Ford be around in 2,3,4 or even 5 years? I think so. They will be a whole lot smaller but they will grow because of it. It's just like the 70's when the Japanese came in and started selling their bland ass cars that were actually built well instead of like ****. People ****ed and moaned about how the american car companies were going to go out of business and instead they learned how the build a car the right way, and did it. Now they have to learn how to keep improving build quality and also increase gas mileage. It can be done and Ford AND GM will do it.

    I agree that this gas thing will last. Gone are the days of $2 dollar gas. $3.50+ gas is how it is going to be for the rest of time I think. It's time for Ford and GM to step up to the plate.
  16. I just did a search on CNBC's web site for all articles on Ford Motor Company in the last 2 weeks. Here is what I found about your claim that they did a report about them being sold..........NOTHING. How about posting a link to this breaking story because I really would like to read it.

    BTW, as for me, I'll bet on the USA not only surviving but prevailing in this current oil situation. Maybe you don't have faith in our country but I sure do :flag:
  17. Geeeeee yeaaa think I remember what date or who said what???
    As I said I watch Cnbc from 930am when I wakeup and till 4pm when they close.
    Just because you cannot find that someone said that Ford might be sold very soon on
    the net does not mean much.I have seen many things that I wanted to backtrack and could not find it on the net.....
    I would like to think ford and Gm will be around for many years to come.
    But looking at the shape both car companys are in and also lets include Dodge.
    Too myself I think Ford will be boughtout by a chinese Company in the very near future.
    As for GM I would also not buy any of their stock because I am sure that they are in just as bad as a shape as ford...
    The only money making campany and they are losing also is Toyota.
    I think a Toyota will buy Ford Motors,Yep I think our Stang Gts I hope will still be made in the states.But as for the other cars that ford makes will be made in china or mexico.
    As for gas again,Yep I know Saudi Arabia has sweet crude but their 200,000 output makes little differance if none at all.....
    Only thing I am saying is that if Israel Bombs Iran,what do you think the oil prices will be????
    You don't think that will happen?
    Well I feel just right after our election you will see Israel distroying Iran and we will see what the oil prices will be then....
    Goldman Sachs says Oil prices will be at $150 a barrel sometime in early july.
    To me thats $5.00 a gal.
    I would love to see Ford and GM stay in business so I can always get a new Stang Gt every 2 or 3 years.
    But If I listen to you hopefulls,I will go broke buying any of the big 3 auto stocks lol
  18. FoMoCo

    Besides the obvious market pressures on Ford, the real problems they face are high health insurance costs, high taxes, retirement benefits to retirees that are living much longer than previous retirees, high union wages and benefits, competing with foreign govt subsidized auto production and exporting, very low wages in other countries like Mexico....

    Ford just announced they will close four US truck plants and move there future production of their econobox car , the fiesta I think, to Mexico.

    Mexico offers low taxes, low health ins. costs, non union labor, fewer environmental restrictions, and less pension costs. It is sad to see them go but the market dictates their move away from the USA.

    Now, if corporate welfare was politically acceptable i.e tax cuts which are subsidies to insure Americans had jobs, health care reform by limiting the amount of money lawsuits pay out so insurance companies could charge less, i.e Tort Reform...and National health care lifted the burden of health costs....the problem is National health care is projected to be funded by the wealthy and corporations....Ford is both.

    If I was running Ford I would move the whole company to Mexico and make a fortune for my stock holders who are pension fund holders like firemen, policemen, postal workers, corporate workers, retired union workers and anyone else whose pension plan is stock based.

    Many companies have already left. Look where everything is made, computers, phones, TV's, steel, oil, coal, toys, clothes, tires, wood, lawnmowers, tools, food are all produced by US companies that relocated oversees to reduce costs by having lower costs of production. In turn lower prices for goods increases the buying power of Americans, that is until there are no jobs left in America.

    There are reasons that cause corporations to relocate to foreign countries.

    Until our govt realizes that corporations are not money pits they can extract from at will, corporations will leave. Ford has just been slow to exit the US. If they have some sense of loyalty that keeps them here some oil rich nation will buy them in a hostile takeover and move production to a cheaper location....

    They should go now before its too late. :jaw:
  19. You remembered it well enough to make it the main issue of your post but now you don't recall much about it :shrug:

    I think you have an agenda outside of Mustangs or Ford and you're using this thread to advance it. You seem to have an issue with Israel because you inject it in every response. You also seem to have an issue with American industry. Maybe you need to find some sort of liberal or socialist political forum and spout you theories there. :flag: