Heard Ford might be SOLD on CNBC

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  1. I agree 68Stang....Hopefully they will make the needed changes before its too late!
  2. Deleted due to antisemitic remarks out of anger.
  3. wow

    I am surprised that such antisemitism is expressed so openly....:shrug:

    How do you lump an entire culture and religion into such a an ignorant stereo type based on your experience with just one of its members? :nono:
  4. As for being so called ignorant and stereo typed, that's real easy for you to say. Perhaps one day, should the same happen to you. You'll then truly understand where I'm coming from, and why I'm so bitter !

    In the meantime, I've retracted my previous post !
  5. ok

    I run a business. People fail to pay. People steal from me. People claim I broke things I never touched. Most people are honest and trustworthy. All of these people are white, black, Hispanic, catholic, protestant, or jewish ....but I don't jump to the conclusion that whites, blacks, or Hispanics, catholic, protestants or jews are lairs and or thieves based on their race, culture or religion, that would be ignorant...people may be bad as individuals, not groups.

    So, I have experienced just what you speak of with a wide range of people....

    Thx for retracting your post, it was offensive.:flag:
  6. Act now for some killer deals

    just three short years ago (summer 2005) guys were paying thousands [THAT'S THOU$AND$!!] of dollars over MSRP for New Mustang GT's ...

    this wasn't the exception back then, it was the norm! and I'll bet some of you guys are still paying off those loans huh?

    well now its 2008 and these same cars are available to everyone at huge discounts everywhere :flag:

    And its time to trade in and trade up guys - and (IMO) you're crazy not to.

    these cars are certainly a bargain at sticker and a steal w/ a rebate or the dealer discount.

    frankly I'm shocked that these cars aren't flying out of the showrooms.

    A loaded GT for just over $20K? :eek: Who can resist?

    (and no, I dont work for FORD)
  7. where?

    What do u mean by "just over 20K"? Around here a loaded GT is 28K.....30+ for a vert...Where can I buy a new loaded GT for 21 or 22K?
  8. I also thank you for bringing me back to my senses, as I ended up responding out of anger, instead of looking at the big picture.

    And just to set the record straight, I am by no means prejudice towards any ethnic group whatsoever. It was just really bad timing, in which the first thing that came to mind after reading the poster's comments, was it brought back a lot of very painful memories from my past, and instead of thinking from within a rational perspective. I ended up taking it as personal, which then resulted in reacting out of anger.

    So once again, thanks for bringing me back to my senses, and also my apologies go out to all those, whom I may have offended :flag:
  9. Prejudice will always exist, stereotyping is just a form of being prejudice, and there is not a single person in the world, that can say they do not stereotype or are prejudice the least little bit. We can all waive our dick hats around saying that we should not stereotype and how I don't and you shouldn't, but at the end of the day, everyone is. As for ford, I doubt they will ever get bought out, they just don't seem like the company to let themselves go like that, and loose what little dignity they have left now.
  10. I couldn't agree more with your statement, however MustangFord289 is absolutely correct. In which it was unfair to criticize an entire ethnic group, for just what a single individual out of that group did. As I mentioned before, it was just really bad timing when I first read, and then reacted to the poster's comments without thinking first within a rational and unbiased manor.

    But than again, it's just as you pointed out. Were all guilty of stereotyping in some form or another, whether we choose to admit it or not. As nobody is perfect, in which we as human beings. All make mistakes :)
  11. Geeeeee I Wish I knew what you had to say........
    I have dealt with many people in my business.
    I see many people complaining about the Jews
    Too me I think the Jews are the most thoughtful people that I have dealt with.
    The Greeks will screw yea in my business but my best friends are all greeks ( ship owners}
    As for the Jews,they are the best to work with in Business.
    I never had a Jewish person screw me,and on top of that I have had double comisions with them.
    Ummmmmm comisions on a shipload of cargo,yea baby
  12. FoMoCo

    I don't think Ford could be taken over. It could be sold, or go broke. The largest stock holders are the Ford family and Kirk Kevorkian. Between the 2 they own nearly 50% of the company. A hostile takeover is less likely too because Ford has borrowed so much money against its name plate, meaning if the went broke the creditors would own Ford. The risk of a hostile take over would outweigh the investment.

    I think Ford will make it as they always have. I'm happy to own 3 fords. Ill buy another one soon to do my part....
  13. Many people can buy ford or Gm
    But the smart ones don't want a headache
    Why would someone other then a investment firm would want any of these company?
  14. people buy fords and gm's because they have a little thing called loyalty. Fords been good to my family, and i'll be damned if the one time that they screw up that i'll go running off from a company. I love my new mustang, talk **** about it, amazing, you state things i don't give a damn about. The only way for the companys to make a comeback, is to ****ING believe in them, faith and loyalty is what keeps ford alive, if we didn't, then no one would buy it, we might as well slap a big "United states of Asia" on our dollar bill and all drive piece of crap hondas (though they are japanese). I'm tired of people coming on here bashing ford for no apparent reason than to just cause trouble. It's been argued over and over again, and I don't give a damn, ford will comeback, just like the other 20 times. I'd invest in it, and i think everyone else should to.

    EDIT: Understand that i'm not accusing anyone in this thread, so don't take it personal.
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  19. And that is exactly why Ford is going under (as well as GM). They don't have many new customers and their ONLY profiting vehicles are their trucks. With the high gas prices, nobody is buying trucks so their cash cow has just died and they need to make a 180˚ yesterday to get out of this.

    In laymen's terms, they aren't just up **** creek without a paddle; they are at the mouth of the stream that feeds **** creek without even a canoe let alone a paddle.
  20. Your problem is that your trusting what CNBC is saying. :p