Heard Ford might be SOLD on CNBC

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  1. We still haven't actually seen any proof this was ever on CNBC. If anything such as that were actually true, it would've been all over the news.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhh with the Price of fords stock at a low near $4 ashare and soon $3.00
    And GM at $9.99 a share and soon at $7 says Merrel Linch.....
    If these stock prices don't smack some sense into your heads then you are in very
    bad shape.
    Yes buy some ford stock,,,,I heard a funny story that their stock will be at $20 before years end lol.
    Geeee here is good news.............Naaaaaaaa maybe its bad
    GM and Ford downgraded to junk

    GM and Ford are "disappointed" with S&P's junk status decision
    Standard & Poor's (S&P) has cut the debt ratings of US carmakers General Motors and Ford to 'junk' status.
    The US credit rating agency said its decision reflected tough global competition in the market and slower sales of both firms' leading vehicles.

    The downgrades, affecting debt worth about $290bn (£152bn), are the largest cuts to junk in a single day.

    A junk status rating suggests that a company is more likely to default on its debt.

    Rising costs

    With both GM and Ford facing difficult times, analysts had predicted cuts to junk status later this year.

    But many were surprised at the speed of S&P's decision.

    Last month, GM reported a net loss of $1.1bn in the first three months of 2005, largely due to flagging sales and the rising cost of employee healthcare.

    Rival Ford also reported a 40% drop in first-quarter net profits, to $1.21bn, citing falling US sales and rising prices for raw materials.

    S&P cut GM and General Motors Acceptance Corp's long-term credit ratings to 'BB', the second-highest junk rating.

    S&P's outlook on the new rating is negative, which means another downgrade could be possible in the next 24 months.

    Meanwhile, S&P cut Ford and Ford Motor Credit Co's long-term credit ratings to 'BB+', the highest junk rating. The outlook on the new rating is also negative.

    GM and Ford, which are the world's number one and three carmakers respectively, said they were disappointed with the downgrades.
  3. nay, just watch it for a few days and it's bound to come up. It's not a huge story because it's all speculation right now. Nothing but speculation.

    And subway, if you read between the lines on that article, it seems that Ford is doing better than GM is. And in fact, they are. While their shares are worth $4.42 for Ford and GM is at $10.12 a share, Ford is still worth more (according to a chart I saw on CNBC on Thursday I think it was) than GM is.
  4. Ohhh I agree I think Ford makes good cars and Ford is a step ahead of GM....
    I am just saying that it looks very bad for the Big 3 or is it the Big 2???
    Ohhhh I bought Ford stock about 2 months ago at around $6 ashare then it went up too $8 a ashare,,,Then I sold them lol
    If ford goes under $4.00 a share maybe I will gamble and get 3,000 shares.....
    I am already losing money with Bac and JPM lolllllllll
  5. I'd hold onto JPM. They are the doing the best out of the financials and actually did relatively well (in comparison to all of the others) in the past quarter or month...I forgot what the article said by now lol.

    Ford and GM will most likely make a comeback IMO. Just a whole helluva lot smaller than they are currently. Chrysler wont make a comeback I don't think, though.
  6. Where's Lee Iacocca when we need him again?
  7. GM

    This is in the WSJ today.....looks like Hummer may get the axe...

    DETROIT — Bruised by a deep sales slump and a half-century-low in its stock price, General Motors Corp. is preparing to cut thousands more white-collar jobs and is considering whether it should sell or shutter more of its brands, people familiar with the matter said.
  8. Ford like the phinex, will rise from the ashes. As I've said, ford has a wealth of small cars to draw from in the european and asian market where they sell like hot cakes. The gas prices can't last, it will destroy the airlines and the world economy. There will be riots and wars at these prices. It's not only gas prices hurting F-150 sales, people know that there is a better F-150 comming out in 09 and are waiting for it. Reguardless of fuel prices, people will still need trucks, just not yuppie's to haul thier mulch. Ford isn't as dumb as they look, they've had the new down sized F-100 on the drawing boards for 2 years. Also there's a new world ranger being developed in austraila for 2012 that will only be 4 cylinder based, even in 4x4 or crewcab versions, but it will also have a 4 cylinder diesel option as well. A new off road capable bronco is comming out on the F-100 plateform to go head to head with the jeep wrangler. Fords not giving up on trucks, thier refining them. Trucks will allways be fords strong suit and as soon as the sticker shock wears off of these gas prices, trucks will sell again, not that gas prices are going to stay this high. If they do, it's armogadon, life is over as we knew it.
  9. Geeeeee I wish I had some of that smoke you are doing uppppppp
    Gas prices will be around the $4-$5 mark and I am sure MOST are getting used to it.It will be a way of life.It will never be under $4 anymore in a week or 2 in many places
    Yeppppp I am sure everyone will be running out and going to save Ford and Buy their Newest Trucks whenever that will happen.........It will not happen and the economy shows it
    I will maybe still buy a 2010 Stang Gt if I like the newest design and if not there will be many that are selling V8s out there now.....
    Geeeeeee you salespeople are so very annoying,maybe thats why whenever I buy a new car the old salespeople are never there.
  10. Although I agree and share your optimism, Ford needs to put more fuel efficient trucks, such as the F-100 and Bronco into production now. As fuel prices are now over $4 per gal. and expected to rise over $5 before year's end.

    That being said, consumers just simply cannot wait another 3-4 years before more fuel efficient vehicles become available from Ford. Otherwise they'll just simply jump ship over to Toyota, Nissan, and VW instead.

    Which is the main reason why Ford, GM, and Chrysler are losing most of it's customers to begin with !
  11. Yeaaaaaa hit the nail on the head...................
  12. realize, that there are a large group of americans dead set on not buying an import brand, whether ford has to downsize, or not. I don't care if gas is 4+ all day long, i'll continue to buy my brand with loyalty. Loyalty is a hard thing to find these days, and most americans couldn't give a crap about the world unless it effects them.
  13. I think you are sooooo very wrong
    Yep I buy a brand New Tahoe every 2 years but I would change brands in a second
    if I see something better that I want.
    I think many people could care less about Ford or Gm and less with Dodge
    The Japanese have been making better cars and now I hear that they make great trucks also...Will have to look into it when I am ready to upgrade next year.
    All my friends have all Imports and very few have american built cars.I would not call them sell outs.I would call them good shoppers....
    We are also glad to hear that you don't mind paying $4-$5 a gal.This is that way it will be,lets get used to it
    I don't think gas prices affects many on here
    as for loyalty,Ha Ha Ha,naaaaaa you didnot say that.I would sell out in a second
    They name street signs after me,ONE WAY:SNSign:
  14. So uh, what happens when ford/gm doesn't exist anymore? Will you just stop buying vehicles?
  15. ROFLMAO the honda ridgeline is based on a freakin minivan chassis, if you call that a truck, you are one dumb *******'er.

    As for if they closed down, i'd stop buying new cars all together, there are so many aftermarket dealers, that i could pretty much build a mustang from scratch out of parts. I'd never sell out to a japanese company, and my sisters boyfriend owns 4 or 5 of them! I could get them for close to nothing, but i would never.
  16. There's also a large group of Americans who have jumped ship over to the imports, and I'm not referring to muscle car enthusiasts, such as you and I.

    I'm referring to the general public of whom make up the vast majority that determine overall car sales, in which car enthusiasts are only considered as a small minority in a niche market.

    You also need to realize that the majority of Americans, are expecting more fuel efficient vehicles, and could care less about horsepower. Which is the main reason why Toyota took over the number 2 spot from Ford.

    Although personally, I will always remain a die hard Mustang and Ford owner.

    Ford needs to be more concerned about bringing back it's bread n butter customers, along with attracting new customers. By developing high quality, fuel efficient vehicles now, and not 3-4 years from now. If they expect to survive, and compete long term with the Japanese !
  17. Geeeeeee
    I thought ford was 7th lol
    1st GM
    2nd Toyota
    3rd Nissan
    4th honda
    5th Dodge
    6th Kia lollllllll
    and Ford................................................
    Its does not matter how many Stangs Ford sells
    Ita a matter what they bring to the market place in 2009.
    Many cars lately seem very dulllllllll that ford is making Except the stang gt
  18. My dad used to be a die-hard American car only guy. He has never owned an import for his personal car in his entire life - although his 300C is half imported. It was almost always Lincolns and Cadillacs. I convinced them a couple years ago to buy an Audi for my mom, and a couple weeks ago, he just bought her a new Acura RL without me even suggesting the brand. My dad's "loyalty" used to be based on the quality of the vehicles, but now he's seen he can get good (better) quality vehicles from foreign automakers.

    Personally, I don't see anything in the import market that appeals to me. I'm preparing for my next car - either a Corvette or a 2010 Mustang, depending on the engines and what special editions are out. If an foreign automaker came out with something that fit my criteria (V8, manual, 2 door sports car, reasonable price), then I'd consider it. Closest thing out there is the new M3, but that is about $10-15k more than I can spend. I like the Corvette a lot, but I do have that love for the Mustang, so Ford keeping my loyalty will all depend on how they handle the 2010 Mustang.
  19. StangDude I do agree with you and your dad did the right thing.
    I am sure your mom loves her car.
    Ohhhhhh I am ready to buy a 2010 Stang Gt now.
    I am sure I would get a decent trade on my 2006 Stang Gt with 28,000 miles on it.
    I know I can get a 2009 Hemi Challenger RT at the Invoice price area in sept.
    But I want to see if Ford does the right thing if they will put their 400Hp engine into the 2010s and not wait till 2011.
    Otherwise I might have to see what the Camrao SS looks like.(from the pics the camaro looks like a hotttt car.}
    OK ford has their 2009 stang Gts out already
    So why not show us a few pics what the 2010 GT car will look like???
    Yep the Vette is also a hot car with lots of HP,and the price is $39,999 for a basic 2009 vette.
    (screw the Automatic trans and Audio system}
    Many say wait till the 2011 Stang Gt,then they will have more HP(400hp}
    Who knows what Ford will be doing in 2 years from now,they don't know
    what they are doing now.....
    So I will wait till March and see what the Camaro SS and stang Gt will look like
    Unless Dodge gives me a challenger at invoice,,,,I am sure they might just do it with the way the ecomomy issssssssss.
  20. Even performance orientated owners can get a great car over-seas. Audi S4/RS4/etc..., anything porsche besides the boxter, the new Lexus F series (i think that's it), and other cars. And even if you just want to go fast in a straight line, the S4/RS4/etc... will out accelerate any stock Mustang GT and quite a few mildy modded ones if not all mildly modded ones. And the best part is that Audi's get GREAT gas mileage for how quick they are.