Heard Ford might be SOLD on CNBC

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  1. Geeeee I had a good joke in the late 70s.........

    Buy a Import and put a american out of work....

    Who knew that would be sooooooo true lol:SNSign:
  2. How do you figure? Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and almost every other import manufacturer have plants in the US and actually pay better and have better benefits than the American manufacturers...
  3. they were not here in the 70s(Toyota, Honda, Nissan}
    30 years later,geeeeee wizzzzzz
  4. you are the weirdest person on this entire forum, I hope you know that lol
  5. weirdest is cool
    I rather be different.......
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  6. weird is different, therefore different is cool.. and thats just a high school way to look at things. Everyones different, they just don't know it.
  7. Subwaytrain is nothing but a freaking TROLL and everyone is taking his silly bait. He talks down to you and then he shows you the finger and you keep taking him seriously. He probably still lives at home with his mommy and daddy, reads comic books and the closest thing he has to a real job is mowing the neighbors yard.

    He's simply a total jerk:notnice:

  8. I totally agree with you, however your also going to pay well above 35k for the Audi S4/RS4/ect. and even higher for Porsche.

    Although I'm not sure what the Lexus F series are going for, they're probably more than likely going to be above the 35k mark as well.

    On the other hand, I believe that Hyundai is coming out with it's Genesis Coupe in 2010, which has a 300HP V-8 and will supposedly be under 30k MSRP.

    So perhaps the Genesis Coupe may just be the alternative that performance orientated owners are looking for. :shrug:
  9. My Mommy and daddy kicked me out of the house because I was a creep.....
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    Mowing the lawn helps me with the deposit on my next car.
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  12. Subwaytrain, thanks for that very enlightening post, it completely confirms what I've been saying.
  13. Agreed on all points :nice: My point was that if you have the money to get the S4/RS4/etc... you can get a VERY well built, performance orientated, IMPORT vehicle. Don't get me wrong, I would still rather own a domestic V8 just to have that roar under the hood. But then again, I wouldn't rule out a performance orientated import car either (even the A4 which isn't all that performance orientated).
  14. lol its all loners and trolls that are running around hollaring ford will not exist. Take a look around , the vehicles they are putting out are better quality and have better consumer ratings then toyotas and hondas all day long.
  15. Lol uh...I know for a fact that honda's have better overall quality than fords.

    but lets say you are right. The problem with ford is that their only vehicle that makes a significant amount of money per car is the F series trucks. Namely the F150. With gas the way it is (and yes, contrary to popular belief, it will stay that way), truck sales are going to slump BIG TIME. Ford isn't selling enough of anything that is making money to stay in business unless they figure out how to make something that is good quality, good looking, and has good gas mileage. Personally, I couldn't hope more that Ford makes it and makes it big. Their CEO is doing a great job, he just stepped into a terrible situation that he (and nobody else) could forsee.

    In fact, turn on CNBC right now and watch the show that is on. It is a pretty good show about the oil crisis we are in right now.
  16. I guess its mainly i'm a man that has alot of faith in god, whether yall believe in that or not, and it's hard for me to feel that negative about all of the stuff. It's not that i'm ignorant, i just have faith that things will work out as they should. 21 fords made top spots on crash ratings, taking out something like 11 or 12 import brands of that year, they've definately turned it around.
  17. Trust me Hobo, if I had the money to afford an Audi RS4. I'd definitely buy one. In fact my brother in law has an A4, and he loves it. That lucky bastard :rlaugh:

    But for those who can afford them, I say more power to them. Plus they have the advantage of being able to be driven in all weather conditions as well.

    In the meantime, if the 2010 makeover doesn't blow me away. I'll be keeping my current 05 GT. indefinitely, as I'll always remain a loyal/die hard Mustang and Ford owner, regardless of what may happen down the road :nice: