Heat Barrier Insulation

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  1. I pulled into my parking deck and came back out to the car 20min later. I then noticed how much warmer it was inside the car than in the parking deck.
    So for the DD, I believe its time for some heat barrier material to help from heat soaking the cabin.
    Any advice on material, brand names or techniques from experience??
  2. These cars are notorious for cabin heat.... you can try to minimize that but be warned. it ain't cheap. Couple of options to look into.

    lizard skin or dynomat
    ceramic coated headers. h pipe
  3. Hmmmm, ....those P-headers I have look all rusted and I've been wanting to change those out anyways. Could help in the quest, might as well price out a H-pipe while I'm at it I guess....lol
  4. If its just surface rust, you can wire wheel/scotchbrite the headers and either prime and paint them VHT ceramic coating, or send them out to get ceramic coated.
  5. that might be an option also thnx
  6. just turn the a/c on for a bit
  7. anyone used the heat shield products from Summit??
  8. Is your shift boot insulator installed (it's the metal and rubber piece under the console)?
  9. My mechanic said he replaced it when they installed the new carpet. I'll recheck that to make sure, thnx.
  10. When you put the new carpet in does it have the insulation under it or was it put in without it? I have seen a ton of people put the carpet back less the insulation. Just a thought
  11. A cheap way to insulate the bottom is spray on undercoating. It is not nearly as effective as the other options, but will provide some protection. It's just messy as all and a PITA to remove.
  12. I think the carpet didn't have good insulation under it as well.
    I'm going to look into getting the floorboard layered with those heat shield sections, ......and then add insulation on top of that??
  13. So after I reinspected this, it does have this complete with no rips etc, ..there is also more insulation under the carpet along the tranny tunnel. But pretty thin on the floor board areas.
  14. Alright, so I've done some research and I'm headed to Home Depot to get some Frost King tacky insulation. It helps with heating/cooling along with noise dampining. I'm gonna do my hatch/trunck first and see how that goes. I'll report back with some pics and info :nice:
  15. Well this is what I got, they were $18.97 + $7 at the depot....

    I also added the new rear carpet, mat cover logo and my own fabricated privacy cover. I used cabinet locks for the clips on the side to lock it in place. It fits snug against the rear seat on top of the fold downs. I bought a real privacy cover, but I like this way because I can open the hatch without revealing everything evertime its opened. I've got to finish the paint but it's close. Btw ....the Frost King insulation is very easy to work with, no funny smells like others I've read about. Now that I've got a little experience I'll tackle the passenger compartment when I can. Oh btw 1 roll did that trunk barely so make sure you plan it right.

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  16. It's pretty light weight as well :nice:
  17. My buddy did the frost king stuff, worked well, but by the time he was done, he could have bought some of the cheaper sound deadener/heat barriers. The cost was negligible. Either way, it will still work.

  18. Yeah I know what you mean, not sure what it will take for the passenger area. But I believe this is the way lighter avenue compared to the premium sound deadner material. I originally wanted a thermo-barrier and now I got a little of everything!!
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  19. Oh if anyone is wondering what I used to mount the amp on the fold down, ...I just pricked a small hole through the carpet and ran small zip ties through the upper amp holes. The carpet hooks onto the top of the fold down so I didn't have to drill or anytyhing. There is enough slack in the amp wires to release the fold down flush to the back seat. That way I can just slip out the wires from the 12" sub box(from best buy) and easly take it out if i need to haul something. Which that would be quite rare, but it gives me options with taking trips with suit cases etc... :spot: