Heater tubes were leaking, now fixed.

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  2. It is in there, I found it the second read.
  3. I got it off without a problem. Hopefully I can find that o ring @ the home depot tonight as well as something to reflare the end. Mine doesn't look as bad as the ones in this thread, or the tutorial... but it was a very slight leak, but enough to puddle on top of the timing cover.

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  4. I used a larger punch, don't know the technical name, but it got fatter gradually towards the top, and was fat enough at the tip that it didn't bottom out in the tube. I hammered it in, expanding the end just enough to hold the fitting. I had the fitting pushed all the way up as high as it would go, so it didn't inhibit the expansion. That's about the best I can offer for advice.

    I think the best advice for taking the fitting off initially is to only reduce the flare just enough to force the fitting off. Too much and I think you are asking for problems.
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  5. Good advice Ratio,
    You should add that to the How To, so all the info is in one place.
  6. I used a pointed brass attachment for my air hammer until i decided to put the flared side against the anvil on my vice and tap the top of the pipe... seemed to work a bit better
  7. Brass is too soft.
    It would have to be hardend steel, like a punch.
    Smacking downward on it, as you seem to describe, wouldn't expand the end it seems to me.