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  1. hello everyone im new to this
    i bought a 1967 fastback that i want to restore with my two sons. before i begin, i want to inclose a 12x24 section in my pull barn with 9 foot walls and insulate it. my question is to all of you is, what have some of you done to heat it, for the winter to work on the car.
    i seen at home depot some heaters that you can hook up to a propane tank but i dont know how bad the fumes would get or how long a tank would last . any ideas would be welcome. thanks - iggy

    P.S. my son showed me this site and i do say it is very useful.
    you guys and girls have a lot of knowlage out there, i wish we had all this info when i was a teen. keep up the good work
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    welcome aboard,
    I,ve always used an old kerosene heater to heat mine. It's 22 X 28. It takes a little while to get warm but is real nice. Doesnt emit fumes bad either. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  3. I too just use a Kerosene heater 28 X 28 it never heats up but it always seems to be warm when your working unless crawling around on the floor never had any issues with fumes
  4. Garage Heating

    In my old garage, I used a regular Kerosene heater, and had a ceiling fan mounted to the ceiling above. After an hour, the 3-car garage was warm!
  5. I run 2 small oscillating ceramic heaters , they pull a bit of power but keep it kind of warm. A 100 gallon propane with the heater top is your best bet. That and a low speed fan to circulate the heat.No smell, fast heat, cheap, safe. Thats what the guy helping with my car uses in his garage,,itll heat you out if on high for a while.
  6. I have a ventless (reddy heat brand) natural gas heater that is 10k-30k btus. My garage is 20x24 and it works great at the lowest setting. Cheap on gas too. I mounted a regular oscillating floor fan directly above the heater to spread out heat.Total $ 150$.I think they make the same set up for propane.
    If you run something ventless make sure it has a low oxygen shut off. The kerosene torpedo heaters are great for instant heat if you dont have any hook up to your pole barn.

    Great car and you'll make some good memories with the kids working on it.
  7. heater

    I built a 24x24 garage two years ago, the walls are insulated and also have o.s.b board on the walls the ceiling is open. I heat my garage with a kerosene heater 22000 btu I set it underneath a ceiling fan that really helps with the heat. You can work out there with a light coat on. My friend has a propane heater, the top screws on to a 20 gal. tank. he says it does agreat job.He lives in his garage, says he goes through a tank of gas [12.00 0 every ten days.I think it cost me alot more for the kerosene,about 1.59 a gallon the tanl holds about 1.9 gallon and it doesn't last that long. A big welcome to the forum, when you geta chance post some pictures of the 67
  8. Last winter I also used a kerosene heater. Didn't do too bad in North Carolina when the outside temp was 35 degrees or warmer. The concrete floor never got comfortable, this was in a 21x21 attached garage with no wall insulation. I guess a lot depends on how cold your climate is. Welcome aboard and good luck with your sons. Just keep it fun for them.
  9. Move to Florida and you wont have that problem...:D
  10. Just finished insulating my garage/shop and adding heat this fall. My shop is detached, and it would have been real expensive to get gas to it, so I opted for electric. I'm about 28x36' with 10 foot ceilings. I bought three of the units below from Northern Tool:


    5000 watts, 17,000 BTU each. I looked long and hard for my best solution. Two may have been sufficient, but we haven't seen real cold days yet-so I don't know. One would be plenty for you. They are thermostatically controlled, and do a great job. I keep it at 55-60 degrees, but can bump it up to 70 or so to paint in about 20 minutes (longer for the car to warm up). REALLY simple to install. You can make a cord to plug into a 220 welder outlet if you want, but I hard wired them.

    Good luck
  11. I got a 40,000 BTU ceiling mount unit from Northern Tool to heat my 25 x 22 garage. It is connected to a propane tank on the side of my house. It radiates heat towards the floor and does a nice job of heating up the garage. I would say that from 30 degrees to 50-55 degrees takes a few hours. That is with zero insulation and with a full length roof ridge vent. A high output heater needs a fresh supply of air, not to mention the humans in the room. I do not want to seal up the garage for fear of fume accumulation (heater and from all of the other car chemicals). It does not make any sound or smell. I like it alot.

  12. sheeeeit when do you guys work on yours cars?? I drive her in the summer work on her all winter... LOL :nice:
  13. How much electric do they suck up?

    We are currently using a torpedo heater for ours. We had bought a ventfree propane wall heater with a fan, but returned it after finding out what we needed to do to install it. Three building permits, a plumbing inspection, a building inspection, the electric needed to be run & inspected, plus we had to conform to the installation directions which included a vent above & below it for air. Aside for the PITA of the permits & inspections, the point was to HEAT the garage, anf the vent would have been like leaving a door open!!! So we stuck with the torpedo for now-it's pretty loud, but it works well. We do want a more permenant solution, and we are debating a few options.
  14. thanks for the input