HEI distributor??

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  1. If Im converting to carb, some of the write ups say an HEI distributor and some just say a distributor from an 85 5.0 carbureted. Trying to figure out which one I need. Either way, are both used with a Duraspark II type ignition box?

  2. You could also go with a billet unit with vaccum advance too but thats up to you. I know you can use a HEI style setup which is made for Ford but that its big and ugly! LOL
  3. Which is which though? It said I need a duraspark box but I need the distributor that has the vacuum advance also? Basically a stock replacement for say an 85 5.0 carbureted?

  4. HEI is like a GM dizzy. The coil, ignition module are in the unit. The Duraspark keeps the coil and ignition module external. Yes a stock replacement for an 85 5.0 HO engine will work.
  5. done the swap to my 89 autozone has the distributor for like $50 i used the msd box no dura spark box needed this way and its easy to wire up make sure u get the distributor for the roller cam 85 they made it both ways that year
  6. HO engines are roller
  7. not the early 85 and older had an 83 and 85 that wasnt
  8. so basically if Im going to use a duraspark I would get one like this with steel gears?


  9. you got it . its the cheap easy way to go fast
  10. ok so I'd get one of those and it would tie in with one of these?

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    also would this be a good lower intake to go with? Need something square bore instead of spread bore, all the carbs Ive found have been square bore


    ***per website***

    Cobra 4-bbl High-Rise Dual-Plane Intake Manifold for Ford 260, 289, 289 HIPO, or 302 V8 engine.

    This is the "large letter style" Cobra aluminum intake originally used on 1966 Shelby Mustangs. It is a good mid to upper RPM manifold.

    For use with any carburetor with a Holley 4-bbl flange.

    RPM range: 2,500 - 6,000

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  11. yeah it should work fine. do u already have that intake? i run a prof products knock off of a air gap it works really good as u can see on the sig and its cheap
  12. I havent purchased it yet but am going to...which model prof products do you have?
  13. 54026 i cleaned it up a little, knife edged the runners in the plenum and matched it to the intake gaskets i like it pretty well and it looks good also :nice:
  14. thats cool, which carb did you go with....electric choke?

    how does that model differ from the prof products 54001?
  15. i run a holley 750 hp no choke double pumper. the one you listed is like the one you showed a pic of the one i gave you the # for is barely a little taller but lets air under the plenum and runners like a victor jr. its the rpm range you want w/o the vapor lock the other may cause.
  16. Would a Holley 650cfm be too small/large for my combo?
  17. work real well especially on the street . no loadn up issues
  18. What setup did you go with as far as fuel delivery, etc?

    got any pics of the motor?

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  19. weld on drop sump, filter befor pump to keep trash out of pump, holley blue pump, 1/2" fuel line, regulator set at 10 psi, and 750 hp. this is what worked best for me becuase of my situation. a red pump back by your tank, and taking your in tank pump out and put a peice of metal line in place of it will work just fine if u dont want to go through all i have had to. My car kept running out from under the fuel at launch so i did the sump, the juice is why i did the rest

    whats your email i dont know how to attach the pics here
  20. so you took out your in tank pump and just ran a line to the bottom of the tank and then up to the externally mounted pump?