Heli-coil Spark Plug Threads, How Reliable?

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  1. I did a search and every thread I found had too much stupid crap in it so I'll just cut to the chase. I have an '03 Vic and it blew out the #3 plug, destroying/melting the COP boot. I got the COP off and tried to tighten the plug but it just keeps spinning. I keep getting mixed reviews on the heli coil stuff, some say it may not work at all while others say it's a miracle cure and even others say it will eventually blow out too. Swapping heads is really not an option, I need this car back on the road by Monday and don't have all day Sunday to replace the head, nor do I want to spend that kind of cash.

    So, what's the verdict? Which kit is the best to use? I may just end up renting the kit from a parts store so I may be at the mercy of whatever they loan out.
  2. Ive been on my helicoil for about 1.5 years without a single issue (just recently under heavy boost).
  3. I just keep getting very mixed opinions, there doesn't even seem to be a gray area, people either love them or absolutely hate them. It's pretty much going to happen, I don't really have the option of swapping the head right now, I guess I'm more or less looking for support and suggestions at this point.
  4. Actually I completely forgot that when I had my heads rebuilt they repaired the threads. So I no longer have the helicoil since being boosted.....but I did go almost 2 years on a helicoil N/A
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  6. My car blew a plug so the mechanic fixed with helicoil, I went to change the spark-plugs and the damn helicoil came out. Go time sert, it is a permanent fix. Can be done while the head is still in the car

  7. Yeah I guess by "heli coil" I was lumping the Timesert in with it. My only problem will be if I can't buy that kit locally at one of the parts stores, as I can't wait for shipping to order it. My understanding was that it is a pretty permanent fix. That link is the first I've ever heard about it being better than the OEM threads, but in a way I could see how that would be possible.
  8. Yea, I'm not sure that I've ever seen a Timesert in a local store. I see HeliCoil kits all the time. Matter of fact, I just used one on my DD ('01 Civic) just this past week. Got it from O'Reilly, and they had pretty much every size possible.

    I could see where they would be stronger, especially in aluminium, since the kit's outer threads are larger than the original ones, and now your inner threads are made out of steel instead of soft aluminium.
  9. Well looks like I'm opting out of this one. I found a guy who's going to do the job for me for $200, including a new COP and plug installed. I believe he has/uses the Timesert kit.
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  10. The timesert is the only way to go....works great.

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  11. I suppose I should rectify and say I used a timesert. I thought they were the same thing
  12. I use Timeserts or, similar products whenever possible. That's what we use in the Army. Helicoils aren't bad. I have had good luck with them in the past but, I just like to be 100% sure with the timeserts.

    The thread repair kits that are available for this repair are pretty bad ass too.
  13. who sells the timesert kits ? i want to order a set for this winters build