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  1. hi! i have NO idea about mustangs AT ALL! in fact i drive a civic :hide: lol but one of my friends drive a 08 ct/cs annnddd i wanted to get him something that has to do with his car.. can anyone help me pick something to get him. not something SUPER exspensive plz. thanksss
  2. whats budget??
  3. is it 5spd??
  4. its a manual i know that.. not sure if its 5 or 6
  5. oh yea 6 cause its newer...The hurst competition plus can be had for arnd $180 or the steeda sport is right at $200 if u wanted to do something performance, cant go wrong with a short throw! Other than that, billet dress up for interior or underhood are ur best bet....stuffs expensive for that car!
  6. .....The spectre brand cold air intake is abt $150....
  7. what is more in demand a SRI or CAI... and is spectre the best brand?? i heard ROUSH is pretty cool? also where can i get that at?
  8. Ill prob feel dumb when u answer this, but whats the SRI?? spectre is not the best but the only one in ur price range...roush is over rated in my opinion...rnhperformance.com is a member on here thats abt the cheapest on anything ive found, he may have a better part suggestion in ur budget for ya too!
  9. short ram intake.. overrated?... i wonder if he thinks the same... i wanna get a brand he will like
  10. OH... its CAI in our world....If i were buyin a short throw shifter, id buy a Steeda tri-ax...if i were buyin a CAI id want BBK...Eibach lowering springs would b nice too, all of which are out of ur budget
  11. oh so i guess mustangs dont have short ram intaes. only cold air..

    if its just a litte bit more i dont mind..
  12. go to that website i gave u and call Rick first thing in morn, tell em the car and ur scenario, he'll treat u right! Goodluck
  13. ok thank you sooo much