Mach 1 hello all,1320

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sea ya, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. jus wanted to say hi,& give you what she did
    sunday @ hub city hattisburg ms.13.6 @ 101.5
    but i've got to tell you the track suk ed that day,
    it rained the day b4 so i dont know,but it was bad.
    i had 700 mi on the clock, on temp. tag.
    mods will come soon,but the mach1 is a great car
    to drive n it handels so good..1 :D camper here!!!
    sea ya chuck
  2. Hey Chuck,

    You need to put what make, model your 308 is in your sig. :nice:

    How many miles u got on your Mach 1?

    I just rolled 6200 on mine. :D

  3. Great time!

    Under better track conditions, low 13's are in your future... :nice:
  4. hi dennis miles in post 700 yes i can see where
    i need to update my sig. its a 91 stang hatch
    take care chuck