Hello Everyone Help!

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  1. Hey everyone im new here seams like an awesome website
  2. It tis! Welcome aboard
  3. So i just turned 18
    I got my license
    I have always loved mustangs since i was a little kid
    And i have no clue where to start
    But i would love to
    Any suggestions
  4. Welcome to Stangnet . What are you looking for ,Classic or newer?
  5. A 65 I mean
  6. hmmm. I think I'd rethink that. 18 year old new driver wanting a 65 Mustang as a daily driver....
  7. Not a great car to start with unless you've got some bucks to spend on one thats ready to go
  8. I already have a daily driver im just saying I want to get a 65 on the side but I just dont know where to start
  9. ten four, that I can certainly agree with
  10. So any tips ?
  11. Buy the best condition car you can afford
  12. What about enginewise?
  13. Choosing the best classic Mustang is such an individual thing that it's hard to tell you what to do. For instance, I love the v-8 rumble, and will pay the extra fuel cost to hear it. Some guys here want the 6 cyl because they are extra reliable, and great on gas compared to the v-8. did you want a classic to restore to showroom condition, or were you more interested in modifying the car to your personal taste? the answer to those questions will determine what engine, or car, you should look for.
  14. I was looking more at a v6 for right now then move up to a v8 later on
  15. I guess you mean a inline six ?A v6 was not available.
  16. What do you mean not available?
  17. straight six was an option in that era car, not v6
  18. QUOTE="madspeed, post: 8833073, member: 8969"]straight six was an option in that era car, not v6[/QUOTE]ohhhhhh okay gotcha I undestand now.