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  1. Just wanted to start off by saying hi to everyone. I just purchased a 92 Mustang GT and love it. The car came with the basic bolt on stuff : cold air intake, BBK shorty headers & catted h-pipe and Flowmaster exhaust. Any way looking forward to being a part of this community. Here are a couple of pics the car, dont mind the different wheels and ride height difference between front & back. New tires and front suspension coming soon and will have it looking normal.

    Mustang a.jpg

    Mustang b.jpg

    Mustang c.jpg

    Mustang d.jpg

    Mustang e.jpg
  2. welcome aboard!!
  3. i'm partial to white myself...

  4. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Madspeed your car is pretty slick. I like the Bullet wheels.
  5. thx...shes my boosted beauty