Hello From Austin, Tx

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by SmokedOne, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Bought my first Mustang (2014 White with Black Stripes Shelby GT500) yesterday. Too bad I was averaging 35 mph on I35. Still getting used to the long clutch pedal. I traded my 2011 EVO GSR for it.

    I bought a AEM CAI, 5" shorty antenna, Steeda Supercharger Pulley and some tail light and 3rd brake light vinyl tint. I might eventually get some headers and high flow x cats for my ride as well as a Bama tune but it's fun for now.

    I modded my 04 350Z and 04 SpecV a lot but left my EVO mostly stock except for a kevlar twin disk clutch and an AEM CAI.

    Just have to get used to the worse handling but as far as going in a straight line it's a blast. Nice to feel a V8 under me again. I had a lightly modded 02 Camaro SS and 98 Trans Am before but just having 662 stock ponies is just crazy to me. I had to spend a fortune just to get my Z to 575 RWHP on race gas.

    Anyway hope to see you guys around.
  2. sounds like you've had some nice rides. Welcome to Stangnet!!
  3. Thanks. Have to get used to driving it. Handles like a 2WD truck in the rain on corners. Front end is much longer. Steering feels sloppy. But the exhaust note, slight rumble at idle and easy acceleration almost makes up for it. Also not having prox entry and push button start feels like I'm taking a step back. Oh well, it's more than double the stock horses of my EVO.