Hello from I don't know where

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  1. My name is Sean I am currently in South Korea through no choice of my own. I am not really sure where I will be after this but I do know it will be around 250 days from now...not that I am counting. I am, probably like many others on this forum, one who as debated between LS1s and LT1s and 5.0s and 4.6 over and over again. Through weighing the options to the point of headaches and sleepless night I have decided on a Mustang due primarily to the easier maintenance involved. I have always dreaded working on fourth gen
    F-Bodies. They are a P.I.T.A. Anyway thats my introduction. If anyone is selling an sn95 5 speed in roughly 250 days... dont forget about me.
  2. :welcome: and try to enjoy yourself in korea instead of dreading it, if it was a choice remote tour or not....Making the most out of the trip you will actually enjoy the experience, I just got back last december from a year over there and it wasn't too bad. Drink some soju and have a good time :nice:
  3. Ha Ha trust me I am doing my best... been here a year and some change... It definitely has its ups and downs.
  4. Ouch, over a year would start to drag but lots to do....Man I could go for a bowl of bulgogi now with spice, lunch needs to hurry up and come. Being back in the US imma have to settle for some sesami chicken, afraid to try th bulgogi they make over here after having it in korea I can't imagine it being as good
  5. I am actually in the mood for some spicy chicken from "Jammers"
  6. I always ate at Popeyes, if you want to try something different and off the wall kind of. When and if you go to the Latte Mart, try some fried squid rings. I was leary about it at the beginning because I had it steamed b4 and it was horrible, but man them fried squid rings were not too bad it tastes almost like a fish stick. Don't remember the name of it but it's when you walk into the latte mart to your immediate right it's like a korean mcdonalds. Oh here I am assuming we were at the same base...LoL which one you stationed at, and are you army or air force. I'm in the AF and I was stationed at Kunsan
  7. Osan AF
  8. ahh, lot bigger than Kunsan should be alot to keep you occupied. I think if i ever went back to korea I would like to go to Kunsan again, the ppl seemed a bit closer nit there, plus don't have to deal with all the family's when you trying to party it up. :D
  9. LoL yeah the normalization kinda puts a damper on it. I think I rather go to Kunsan as well. Osan really isn't as great as people think it is....its changed quite a bit...not as lax anymore. Its great having all the stuff around but if your never off work to use it then it doesnt do you much good... Whats your AFSC?
  10. Back from the weekend, if you can't tell I pretty much only get on during duty hours because I have nothing better to do. With that being said my AFSC is 3S371, manpower analyst, a pretty boring job being at base level because your workload depends on different actions around the base. My previous afsc was 3E071, a civil engineer electrian, wish i was still there but I got caught up in the force shaping.