Hello from Idaho


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Jul 31, 2011
Hi all .. I am from Idaho and am new to the site .. Just got back from Iraq and have been fitting my 89 Mustang with all kinds of parts .. Right now i am pushing about 360 HP and as soon as i get my Computer figured out I will hook up my Supercharger with 9 lbs of boost ... :D ...

This is what I have into the car as right now...

5.0 about 360 HP forged lower
F303 Roller cam 288° DURATION 512 lift, Roller rockers
GT40P heads , Ford Racing 36 Lbs. Injectors
Trick Flow upper and lower intake
70mm Throttle body, 76mm Mass Air, Red CL103 sensor
Supercharger making 9 psi, 6 inch lower and 2.90 upper pulleys
Fuel Management system
A9s computer (need computer help)
World Class T5 Trans with Dual RAM clutch
Aluminum drive shaft
Short throw shifter
255lph BBK fuel pump
Ford racing shorty headers, X pipe and flow masters
Front line locks
Suspension Modifications:
Tubular K member , control arms and coil over struts.
Rear control arms with double adjustable uppers
8.8 rear with 4.10's , Moser Engineering Axels 31 Spline

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Aug 11, 2011
Panama City, FL
Welcome, sounds like you put alot into that stang. See your coming back from Iraq, I'd assume your military that or possibly a civilian on contract. Either way you got back safe that's a plus up, welcome back!


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Aug 20, 2011
hey man. im pretty sure ive seen your stang a few times now. what kinda supercharger you have?

i have a few questions to ask you on how your running the pcv valve. hit me back man