Hello from New Mexico

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  1. Greetings fellow mustang fans.I just joined of course.I live in New Mexico and have mytroubledpony as my name due to the police following me.So i messed around a little.who doesnt?now i have a following.lol.
  2. supposed to stay away from them!
  3. I obey the speed.But like flies on a horses ass,everyone driving from old ladies to the ups guy wants to race?Its tempting me.They keep calling me.calling me out!lol.
  4. where at in NM? My cousing lives in Los Cruces :eek :eek:
  5. Actually i live in northern new mexico in a town called las vegas.
  6. Ive been to las cruces serving in the army reserves
  7. I was stationed at Holloman AFB from 96-99. I live in Las Vegas too, but its the LV in NV.

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  8. They get mixed up all the time.people come here looking for casinos! unfortunately las vegas nv. is like 800 miles more westward.lol