Hello from NOS member


New Member
Jan 13, 2020
NOS meaning I've been here before years ago but can't remember my info so screw it, starting over!

Right now I'm rocking a 2010 SHO and it's the best DD I've ever owned, had it for 5 years now with a lot of annoying small probs but no drivetrain issues.

I've owned a 68 coupe since I was 18, so that's 30 years. It sat as a primered shell for 15 of those years. Now it's fully restored, original 302-4V engine block. Upgraded front discs with power booster, aftermarket A/C to replace the tired original compressor, electronic distributor, 16" wheels, but otherwise stock incl the paint. The engine bay and interior were painted body color this time. I did about half of the work myself, and a shop did the hard stuff.


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