Hello from Ohio

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm Brian from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a huge Mustang fan and have been since my aunt bought a 92 GT when I was little. She gave that car to me when I was a freshman in college last summer and I sold it and now I own a 65 Mustang that I'm restoring and assembling with my dad. It's a 289 HiPo V8 with a 4 speed top loader. It's in near mint condition. I'll post pics later on. My friend also owns a 96 Mustang with a 427 Ford motor from Box Performance that is 700+ HP. I'm in college to become a business owner and open up my own performance shop for muscle cars. Talk to y'all soon.
  2. Welcome Brian to :SNSign:
  3. Welcome Brian, Not to far from me :nice:
  4. Welcome Brian