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  1. Hi everyone. I am a relatively new Mustang owner. Just bought my first one end of January. As you can see from my avatar it is a 93 LX convertible 5.0. Started restorations right away. Mechanically it is pretty much done with the exception of a few bolt ons I am planning on doing throughout the summer and a new clutch I am installing as soon as the body and paint are done. It is in body and paint now, after the clutch, then the new sound system, then a mostly new interior. Really looking forward to the upcoming season. Hoping to have it all done by Carlisle in June. Looking for ideas, input, and hooking up with fellow Mustang enthusiasts.

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  2. What part of pa are you from? To partake in local stang stuff register at www.pennmustangs.com referred by RsStanG
  3. I'm from Bucks County, PA. I actually used to go to that site while I was shopping for my car. I'll check it out, thanks
  4. Howdy from Franklin county. Hope to see you at Carlisle.
  5. Looks like I'll only be out there for the day on Saturday. I'll be with the crew from Valley Forge Mustang Club. Which car are you taking? Post a pic so I know what to look for
  6. I'm at Carlisle Spring, Ford Nationals, and Fall. I don't take a car as none of them are completed, however I may have mine in paint before Ford. I'm just dragging home parts. Some for me, and deals to sell to fund the projects. I am there usually Friday or Saturday.
  7. Hey fellas were having a pen mustangs track day at Numidia coming up
  8. Well here's what she looks like now. She'll pretty much look the same just fresh paint and interior when I get to Carlisle. Look for me and hope to see you there

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  9. Welcome aboard.