Hello from Philly

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by kraze1, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Whats up guys

    I am from Philadelphia and I purchased my first Mustang this weekend, fulfilling a childhood dream. I bought an 88 Mustang GT. The previous owner installed the following:

    e303 cam, K&N intake w/MAF conversion, BBK headers, Pypes "The Beast" exhaust, Eibach lowering kit, King Cobra clutch, chrome Cobra rims, functional cowl induction hood.

    I look forward to having some fun with this...if the snow ever clears! I look forward to learning a lot from you guys.

    A couple of pics are in my garage...ore will be on the way as soon as I start putting my own touches on the car. I am ordering subframe connectors, and an Optima battery this week. Are there any other mods that are "mandatory" for foxbody owners that I need to know??!!

    Take care!
  2. Looks Good , Philly welcome!
  3. Thanks! What part of Philly are you in? Is there anything going on in our area as far as clubs or groups?

  4. I'm from the NE , check out Phillystangs , all kinds of silly things going on :D!
  5. Pypes will be hosting an Open House Cruise in later this Spring. Free food, installs, product discounts etc. Check our website for the date and details. You are probably 45 minutes away. We're just off of the Lansdale exit of the North East Extension of the PA turnpike.