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  1. Hello all , I am new to the site ... as well as new to driving a Mustang .

    I purchased my 00' Mustang GT (Sunburst Gold) around March of this year. She has right around 80K miles on the motor. A few surface issues ... needs a good tune up and needed a sound system (fixed that this weekend).

    I had been looking around for info on the mach 460 system and how to replace it ...and found this site ... looked like a great place to learn about this ride.



  2. Welcome to Stangnet Tazz! :)
    Sunburst Gold is a pretty rare color you don't see very many of them congrats.Check out the 4.6L section there is a wealth of information
    there.Plan on doing any modifications? Like exhaust or intake?
    On your tune up do all of the following Tazz.
    Oil change and oil filter (A synthetic oil like Mobil 1 would be great)
    New air filter (K&N air filter would be my choice)
    Spark plugs (Get Motorcraft or Autolite)
    Check the condition of your COP's
    Flush and refill your transmission fluid (synthetic would be a good choice)
    Flush and refill your differential (Use a synthetic gear oil like Mobil 1 75W90)
    New PCV valve (Only use Motorcraft PCV valves)
    New fuel filter (Only use Motorcraft fuel filter)(Yours could be clogged!)
    Flush and refill your engine coolant (I always use Motorcraft coolant)
    Check your serpetine belt for cracks. (I always use a Motorcraft belts)
    Check all of your hoses and replace them if necessary.Also check for
    any leaks.
  3. Welcome Tazz!! :nice:
  4. Welcome!