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  1. Hello all, I am from San Diego and just picked up my 3rd mustang (I had 2 97 cobras) after a 7 year hiatus. Its a 1990 5.0 LX hatch. I picked it up for $650 with blown head gaskets. I slapped head gaskets on her and promptly did a burnout as the first test. Anyway game plan is suspension overhaul, street/strip valvebody, 5 lug, new wheels/tires, and 4.10's.

  2. Welcome aboard, nice cheap find!
  3. Thanks, yeah it's cheap because it's previous owners turned it in a POS but a little suspension and brake help it'll be a fun car to take to track days or do some spirited driving in.
  4. Hi
    This is Celina, This is my first post, wish me and i need your support dear friends. :)
  5. Well I lowered her with h&r springs, got new tires (only front mounted in pic), 3.73's and a traclok installed, new brake booster and master cylinder installed, and have sourced a full 5 spd swap. This car is a joy to drive at the moment, I can't wait to install the 5spd.

    Going from 2.73's to 3.73's is night and day difference. Holy crap, it's a totally different car. From a docile (sorta pathetic) noise maker to a relatively fun car.

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  6. Welcome. Nice stang.
  7. thats pretty low
  8. can of sem trim paint onthose mirrors will really clean her up
  9. Thanks for the welcome.

    Yeah it's fairly low, not too crazy. I only touch the catalytic converter shields occasionally and those won't be a problem after this weekend. Good call on the mirrors, the whole car needs paint pretty badly. Unfortunately it's number 3 in line to get painted for my cars. Datsun 720 is first since it's my dd, one of my datsun 510s is second, and then the fox comes third. I only have one car with almost perfect paint and that's my rx7.