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  1. Just introducing myself . My name is Rick and I am a Mustang nut,I just got my new Stang after being with out one for almost 2 years ! it was miserable to say the least. Anyway I just purchased my new 2013 Grabber Blue GT last week and i must say im very impressed with the ride and feel of the car and I cant wait to get the mods rolling :).

    Ive owned and modded a few other stangs my Favourite has to be the 02 Mini Grey GT i bought bone stock and me and a friend turned it into a Wild ride stang from full suspension to a Procharger P1sc.
    i have also owned a 01 Cobra and a 90 Fox.

    Well i cant wait to meet some of you here and learn a few things and maybe offer advice as well.

    Cya around

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  2. hey Rick, welcome aboatd, sweet ride!
  3. Welcome, I lived in Bartlett near Memphis when I was young. Nice pony.