Hello from the Big D and my 67 stang


New Member
Dec 28, 2018
Fate, TX
New hear, living in east dallas and picked me up a new project. Always enjoy a good project and I have had a few over the years. I spent a number of years as a car mechanic working for Ford before putting down the wrench and stepping behind the counter. Now working in the motorcycle industry and find my passion for cars to be more enjoyable as a hobby. I just love building old cars and bikes for fun.
This will be my first Mustang, A 1967 coupe that I am completely restoring. ProjectJenna67 I am calling her, the car came half apart and has a few good new parts not installed yet that came with it, I have every part for the car except the windshield and drivers door glass. I plan to finish tearing it apart the rest of the way and doing the body work first as that can be the most time consuming part of any project. Redoing the suspension and lowering the ride height, disc brakes, rebuilding motor and trans and reassembling. Its a 289 car with a 3 speed, I am keeping it like this for now. Going to build the 289 up a bit and eventually do a t5 conversion but for now I want to sink the dollars into the body and handling first.
I will start a build thread as I get started, hope to get some good tips and pointers on here. I have found a few already, and I will get a picture of the current state of the project when I can upload them.
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