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  1. Hi all
    I just picked my first classic mustang and immediately found this site. She is a 68 coupe 6 cycl converted to 302. She had what I thought were minor cosmetic issues but as with all projects, the deeper you dig the more you find. Looks like the last owner tried to restore her on the cheap which translates to me asking many questions of you, the experts. So thanks in advance for your input.

  2. I know just the guy to help get you started. Welcome aboard!

    @horse sence
  3. rhut rho, next thing it'll be converted to a fastback. Just kidding, you'll find out what i'm referring to once you're here for a bit. Welcome aboard!
  4. So I have been lurking and see @horse sence and his projects. Yeah, already considered contacting him to do exactly that to mine. The more I dig out the bondo and look at the botched panel replacements the more inclined I am to give him a call. Guess time will tell what I do. In the mean time, I am enjoying turning wrenches and finding all the little treasures.
  5. 67 -68 is the easiest to convert ,all the parts are available
    and its a lot of fun to do
  6. From the looks of your project pic's, the conversion is outside my skill level SIGNIFICANTLY. I just bought a Hobart 190 welder and now must learn how to weld. I need to crawl before I walk. Based on the "work" done previously to the car, I have some corrections to make before even thinking about a FB conversion. I do like the conversion as a project in the distant future. Keep the build pic's coming, the give me great ideas on what my girl will be, one day.
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  7. i bought a harbor freight spot welder for panel replacement .the problem is it is limited as to how far it will reach. it works great for radiator supports ,tail panels around the bottoms of the quarters, wheel openings and a few other places .i looked into getting longer tongs but they cost almost more than the welder itself .
    it really welds great with just flip of a toggle switch. problem is you need clean unpainted metal to weld ,i just flood the joints with primer after welding and the welds look factory. i am thinking about buying a miller spotwelder with longer tongs ,it comes with a set of your choice, so i was thinking about using it for floors and other hard to reach panels and use the harbor freight welder for easy to reach panels then i won't have to change tongs back and forth. and it welds fast as you can flip the switch
  8. SO....I ordered most of the sheet metal for the rear today. Looks like the previous guy used so VERY poor repro quarters which where not put in very well. As best I can tell, I have a pre- 15 Feb 68 car and have read a ton about poor repro parts/67-68 universal panels which I suspect is the reason for the 1" gap between tail light panel and the quarters.