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  1. Hello my names Richard from Victoria, BC :canada:

    Just bought my 4th fox body ( 83 capri,86 v6 vert, 91 5.0L lx 91 gt vert)

    I sold my 91 lx 8 years ago due an addition to the family and I have missed her ever since ( I even see her once and awhile and yell at the car to take care of my car ) Anyways the wife and I saw this 91 GT vert on a lot and she fell in love :nice: they wanted to much for it and I think I paid to much for it BUT I guess when you like something sometimes your willing to pay a bit too much... anyways on too the car..

    1991 GT Vert (auto :nonono: ) 136,000 kms BBK headers,3:73 gears , Flowmasters exhaust ( has really gay tips on it right now) , saleen wing, cowl hood, styling bar , chrome ponies, bbk lowering , strips (blah)

    She has the stock tape deck in it, and leather seats are showing there age , probally need a new top and the end of next summer , has brand new tires on the front and newer comp téas on the back and paint not perfect but not bad , the hood pins SUCK, and heès painted the intake body color... Ièm looking forward to making this car my own including putting some bump in the trunk... I plan on blacking out the interior deck summer with new seats as well.... I the auto kinda sucks but my wife likes it so its good and bad ....

    well heres some pics !

    my old LX and 4 eye v6 vert












    My 09 F150 SCREW

  2. Welcome to stangnet! :nice: