Hello From Vancouver,wa!

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  1. Hello all,
    I am not as of yet a Mustang owner, but have always been a Ford guy.
    I do have the opportunity to purchase a '96 loaded silver GT from a close friend. He inherited it from his father who recently passed, but does not want it. I have always loved these cars. My brother bought a new '90 and let me drive it for a day. I was hooked and new someday I would have one of my own. I am not rich. Cant afford a new car much less multiple cars. This to me is a deal 20 years in the making. I have not even driven or seen the car in person. Only pictures and its condition from a trusted friend and co-worker. It is a 5 speed manual. I so much miss a manual. This is my mid life (I am 50) crises dream car. Just have to wait a month or so for funds to purchase it. I would post pics if I new how. Not thrilled about a black interior but that is not a deal breaker.
    I wont run on with this post. Just wanted to introduce myself and hope to become an official member soon!
  2. I had a 96. Loved that car. But the mod bug will bite I promise you.
  3. I have a 96 and love it. It has good power for being so old. But the desire to mod will get you. Welcome to the sn95 mustang world :D