Hello from WA


Apr 26, 2020
Vancouver, WA
Hello you guys and gals from me in Washington State. I got an 1989 Mustang LX 5.0 and it's been great. I'm 20 right now and going to college. My mom and dad drove a 1988 Mustang on their honeymoon of that year and loved it so much they bought one when they got home. It's been in the family since '89. It sat from around 2002 to around 2017 when it was back on the road. It was my high school project and it was a bunch of fun. I really learned a lot and I learned a bunch from this forum so I figured I'd finally join it. So much great info on this site. My car is mostly stock, I took of the smog and the A/C and threw on a cold air intake and under-drive pulleys but that's about it. I got about 192 k miles on the old boy. Used to be a daily for my mom for 12 years or so. Thanks for all the info you've given me over the last few years of restoring my car I really appreciate it.


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